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The 9 Types of People You See in Starbucks


On any given day at any Starbucks from Boston to Los Angeles, thousands of people wait in line for their coffee fix. We know you've been sitting at your campus Starbs for hours, working on your third iced coffee and trying to finish that history paper, but instead, you're people watching, of course. Here are the types of people we usually see at Starbucks.

1. The High School Girls

Trenta double-whip vanilla bean Frappuccino with a raspberry swirl? These girls will order drinks that will take forever to make... and you'll hear a lot about One Direction while you're waiting.

2. The Instagrammer

There's always that one girl taking a picture of her drink for Snapchat or Instagram. Yep, it's definitely interesting that you got a latte today. And yesterday. And the day before.

3. The Complicated Orderer

If you're talking for the barista for five minutes about what you want in your latte, you're doing it wrong.

4. The Confused Adult

"I'll have a medium... what do you call it?"

5. The First Date

There's always those two people in the corner struggling to have a conversation while they awkwardly wait for their drinks at the counter. We hope it's going better than it looks.

6. The Sorority Gossip Session

You definitely didn't need to know what Melissa did on the table at that frat house last night, but now you do.

7. The Person Whose Name is Spelled Wrong and Who is Really Not Okay With It

These people write hundreds of names on cups every day. Do you think they really care if your name is "Ann" rather than "Anne"? 

8. The Cell Phone Talker

Yes, please have a heart-to-heart with your long-distance boyfriend about the future of your relationship. You definitely shouldn't step outside.

9. The Extremely Studious One

This girl has been there for five hours and has yet to emerge from her armchair. She makes us feel bad for not actually doing our work. What problem set?

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