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7 Netflix Rules Everyone Should Abide By


Netflix is the greatest gift we've ever received, but with great power comes great responsibility. Too many friendships have been torn apart by a Netflix interruption or an ill-timed password change. That's why we're establishing a set of rules so everyone can continue binge-watching to their hearts' content... but in a peaceful manner.

Rule #1 - If you're going to religiously follow a show with a friend or lover, watching alone constitutes as cheating.
Nothing spells out drama like a friend who watches the next two episodes of Orange is the New Black without you because she was bored. Not cool.

Rule #2 - If you share your account with others, you must make the terms clear, or face the consequences.
You agree to share your account with your roommate, but before you know it, your roommate's cousin and her S.O. are using it on a daily basis, too. 

Rule #3 - In conjunction with Rule #2, when your relationship ends, so does access to the account (unless otherwise stated). 
The ultimate sign that it's over? A new password. 

Rule #4 - Close your Netflix tab when not watching, in deference to fellow users of the same account.
There's nothing worse than being notified that too many people are streaming, when really, one of them isn't even watching. 

Rule #5 - Never assume anyone has fully watched a season or the entire series, even if it has been out for more than a year. 
Guess who's not going to be happy when you accidentally reveal that a pivotal character has been killed off a certain popular AMC show? Friendship over.

Rule #6 - Stick to your own user profile. It seems self-evident, but clearly not for some people...
It is simply unacceptable to see gory horror movie suggestions on your feed just because your brother forgot to choose his own username. You won't have it.

Rule #7 - When your friend is binge-watching a show on Netflix, never interrupt her.
Don't ask her if she wants to hang out, don't question her mental state, don't ask for details about the show. We repeat: NEVER interrupt her.

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