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Girl’s Night Out, As Told by Destiny’s Child


There are few things in a girl’s life that beat shoe shopping or a fresh mani-pedi. But if there’s one thing that always puts a little pep in our step, it’s a good old-fashioned girl’s night out! And who better than Queen Bey herself and her Destiny’s Child clique to explain what goes down when hanging with the girls? Here’s to a fabulous girl’s night out, as told by Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle!

It’s been a rough week, so you round up your closest girls for a much needed girl’s night out! All in favor, say I…

Bring on the inevitable struggle of deciding on the perfect party attire. You have waaay too many options.

An hour for hair and makeup later, you're ready to make some heads turn.

That moment when you all make your separate entrances into the common room, fabulously dressed of course.

You’re all set to go, but first, a few shameless bathroom group selfies are in order.

The Uber arrives. Cue the 30-sec scramble to touch up your make-up, use the bathroom, get your purse in order and down your pre-game drink. There never seems to be enough time to get ready.

You've finally arrived, so you all strut into the party like VS runway models (cue the wind).

You already know the guys approaching you won't make the cut.

You’ve wasted precious dance floor time entertaining their horrid pickup lines, so picking up your bar tab is the least they can do.

And just when you start to worry you'll never get rid of them… the DJ plays your group anthem.

So you make your way to the dance floor and begin tearing it up, perfectly in sync.

But one too many drinks has put one of your girls' coordination at an all-time low.

She usually finds a way to pick herself back up and fall in line, though.

It's only natural that one of you spots an ex, because duh.

But before you have time to take a sad trip down memory lane, your girls will quickly remind you why he wasn't worth your time.

And if he dares to come anywhere near you, your girls are quick to play defense - because those drinks you've all downed have finally kicked in.

The group trip to the bathroom will definitely call for a few more selfies. Don't be surprised if these turn out to be much sloppier than the first round of photos. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a girl’s night if all that Pinot you consumed didn’t cause you to get a bit emotional.

So be prepared to routinely confeess how much you love each other every hour! Once isn't enough.

But you quickly have to pull it together for one last dance before closing time. You wouldn't miss this for the world.

There will definitely be a stumble or two on the way home... Wine and walking don't mix.

But with minimal causalities, you make it through the night to do it all over again next weekend.

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