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Justin Bieber's Top 10 Worst Moments


It looks like 2014 will be another year of controversy for Justin Bieber. Throughout the past twelve months, Beliebers everywhere have watched the pop star shed his innocence as he continues to make frequent headlines for everything from his romance to his….retirement? The New Year has just begun, but there’s one thing we’re sure 2014 holds for us: Justin stirring up trouble. Here’s a look at the 10 worst moments Justin had in the past year.

Smokes Pot

On January 2, 2013 Bieber was spotted smoking marijuana at a hotel party, which caused an uproar among beliebers worldwide. TMZ posted photos of Justin and his crew (including good friend Lil' Twist) with marijuana and alcohol inside of a hotel room in Newport Beach. 

He addressed his concerned fans in a, ahem, blunt manner by vowing, “to be better”.


Gets Kicked Out of A Club

Justin couldn’t wait to celebrate his birthday in London on March 1, 2013. The party didn’t last long as the (shirtless) pop star was booted out of the popular Cirque Du Soir nightclub, later tweeting that this was his “worst birthday ever.”

According to a club source, Justin was not asked to leave due to bad behavior, but because some members of his crew were under 18 years old. The rep released a public statement saying that, “Justin and his friends are always welcome, as long as the members of the group are legally old enough to enter the club,” reported Hollywood Life


Fights Paparazzi

Bieber’s London drama didn’t stop after his birthday bust. On March 8th, the tatted star was leaving his hotel when he allegedly shoved a paparazzi in order to get to his car. When the pap claimed assault,  Justin jumped out of his van and, according to Hollywood Life, lunged for the man as he screamed “I’ll f*cking beat the f*ck out of you!” before being restrained by his bodyguard.


Tattoos Selena On His Wrist

In April, it seemed that Justin wanted to honor his notoriously rocky relationship with Selena Gomez by getting her face tatted on his wrist. While he has not publicly confirmed that the tattoo is actually of Selena, Us Weekly reported that the tattoo is of a “woman with dark hair, low cut top, and angel wings,” an image very similar to one taken of Selena for the July 2012 issue of Elle Magazine.


Urinates In A Restaurant Mop Bucket

New York City just doesn’t have enough restrooms, right? Apparently Bieber thought so when he decided to urinate in a mop bucket inside of a New York restaurant. In case this wasn’t shocking enough for his beloved fans, he is also heard yelling “F*ck Bill Clinton!” as he sprays a photo of the former President with cleaning liquid in the video posted by TMZ


Loses his…Monkey?

In March 2013, German customs officials took one of Bieb’s most memorable possessions — his monkey, Mally. According to Daily Mail, after Justin failed to produce the proper papers for his unconventional pet, he was detained for a brief period of time.


Visits a Brothel

While on tour in Brazil in November 2013, it seems Justin felt he had to see all that the country had to offer — allegedly including a 3 hour visit to a brothel in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the star went back to his hotel with two women…both of whom we assume were not on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.


Spray Paints A Building

We all know Justin is an artist, but in November 2013, he added a new form to his repertoire: graffiti.  Rolling Stone reported that just days after he was spotted leaving the brothel, Bieber was officially charged by police in Rio de Janiero for “defacing a building or urban monument by graffiti or other means.”


Retires...Sort of.

Justin embodied his recently released song “heartbreaker” as he sent several fans into panic mode upon his announcement that he planned to leave the music industry. On December 25, 2013  the pop star tweeted to his followers, “My beloved beliebers, I’m officially retiring.”

Keeping fans on an emotional roller coaster, a Bieber source told the New York Daily News that this announcement was “a joke from his end” which supported a later Bieber tweet in which he claimed, “IM HERE FOREVER”.


Eggs A House

Biebs kicks of 2014 making it clear that he’s going to continue to make headlines!  Us Weekly reported that Bieber’s Calabasas home was raided by police on the morning of January 14th as part of investigation of an egging incident at a neighbor’s home earlier in the week.

The trouble didn’t stop there for Bieber — the LA Times reported that during this raid, officers found what was allegedly cocaine in the singer’s home and that, according to Lt. Dave Thompson, the drug was “in plain view of the deputies when they were looking for the other evidence.” The LA Times also reported that while Bieber was not arrested on drug charges, friend Lil Za (real name Xavier Smith) was.  

E! News reported that the drug was not actually cocaine, but may have been MDMA (aka “Molly”).

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