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The 11 Best Beauty Looks from Paris Fashion Week


Now that we're at the end of fashion month, now is the time to look back on all the new trends designers have put down the runways. Paris Fashion Week is arguably the most elite of the month's events, so we're taking a closer look at the new beauty trends from this year's shows:

1. Céline

This season, Céline had some proper fun with color on the eyes and lips. Take a play from their book and feel free to bust out the bright colors—precision application not required. 

2. Valentino

Valentino has never had trouble creating romantic hair, and their delicate take on petite braids and loose wisps that frame the face makes for a beautiful date night look.

3. Saint Laurent

The rocker chic trend is coming on stronger than ever. Who says you can't rock a bold lip and eye at the same time? It's the ultimate "cool girl/don't care" statement. Perhaps the heavy liner here is a bit much for campus, but the takeaways here are a pale complexion, a standout lip color and super dark eyeliner.

4. Dior

Say goodbye to short lobs! Long, glossy hair is back at Dior, and again, we have bold eye makeup popping up on the runways. The models wore rich jewel-tone colors like sapphire, ruby and dark amethyst all over the lids and into the crease for a look that is beyond luxurious. 

5. Sonia Rykiel

The Sonia Rykiel lady is completely polished. From perfectly blown out hair to blushing lips and full brows, these models were every bit the "uptown girl." Try this look for a job interview or meeting the parents!

6. Chanel

This sophisticated vibe is a nod to the iconic Brigitte Bardot. An undone french twist is made even more chic by the thick grosgrain ribbon, which holds the hair back so we can see the exaggerated cat eye. We imagine these girls just as Karl Lagerfeld does: sipping café au lait at a brasserie in Paris.

7. Mugler

Lining the eyes at three points creates a modern take on the classic feline flick. A regular thick line on the top the lashes is complemented by a short line above the crease. Finish by rimming the bottom lashes, too. Clean and luminous skin keeps this look pulled together.

8. Isabel Marant

Um, hello? Check out that contouring! Use a tawny colored bronzer/blush to emphasize the cheekbones, and of course, you have to show it off by pinning your ponytail into a messy bun. Use a lip tint with a brown-ish tint to match your contouring!

9. Giambattista Valli

Go out and buy a new tube of mascara or two. This fresh, wide-eyed look is achieved by topping your lashes with layer after layer. The trick to preventing unsightly clumps is to make sure the mascara wand isn't overloaded with product. Use a clean spooly brush in between applications to seperate lashes and comb out any clumps.

10. Lanvin

After we saw boho braid after boho braid, Lanvin took a step back and relied on the tried and true classic braid with a center part. Tuck loose pieces behind your ears and tie off the braid with a thin ribbon for that touch of Parisian flair. 

11. Elie Saab

Elie Saab just created our next going out look. A smoky eye is upgraded with parallel winged liner. Pink cheeks and glossy lips tops off this sexy look, but it's really the eyeliner that will play up your peepers.

What look from Paris will you be trying?

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