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The 33 Stages of Spring Break, As Told by Taylor Swift Lyrics


Spring break finally arrived, and not a minute too soon. You've been drowning in school work, roommate drama and internship searches, and nothing sounds more perfect than laying on a beach with a fruity cocktail in hand. All of that stuff you've been worrying about? It's time to shake it off. 

Your friends are SO jealous that you're going away for the break, but you're too excited to even care. 

You couldn't even think about your classes right now if you tried. Your mind is in total Spring Break Mode. 

The budget flight you bought is packed and uncomfortable, but you don't care because you'll get there so soon!

When you and your friends finally get to the hotel, you hastily throw your bags into your room and run to the beach. 

You take a deep breath and decide you're ready to forget about everything going on at home. Time to party!

One sip of that first daiquiri and everything but happiness just melts away.

You and your friends are ready to meet some guys -- maybe even have a fling. 

You all swear to each other that you'll be the best wingwomen ever. 

You give yourself a pep talk as you get ready for a night out at the clubs. It's all about confidence! Channel it! 

You put on your absolute hottest outfit, and girl, you look GOOD. 

All you want to do is dance your troubles away in celebration of this glorious spring break.

You might even start to show off your moves a little too much after a few drinks, but your friends tell you when to ease up. 

And you might take it down a notch, but you're definitely not going to stop dancing. 

When you spot a cute guy, you're ready with a flirty, fun line to get his attention.

You're in the middle of a dance floor make-out before you can even introduce yourself. 

It's spring break though, so you're just looking for a fling. You tell him that you're not looking for a relationship, obvi.

JK though, you totally can't help yourself.

When you wake up in the morning and remember how you acted last night, you're just like... 

Not to mention that intense hangover that greeted you like the insanely bright sunshine outside of your window as soon as you opened your eyes. You feel totally sick.

You friends sit around sharing stories from last night, half-laughing and half-freaking out.

You decide it's time to break up with alcohol. 

Your equally hungover friends agree -- none of you will never drink again. 

Well... At least, you don't drink until your hangover goes away late that afternoon. Then you're back on the Bahama Mama train. 

Last night is over. Forget about it! It's a new night! 

None of you have a worry in the world, and you're so ready to take on the rest of spring break without a hitch.

Hangovers can't keep you down! 

You're feeling like spring break will never end. 

You all put on cute outfits and are ready for another night out together (and you get the perfect Insta together before you leave, of course). 

Every night of the break feels worry-free, like nothing could go wrong. 

You're having too much fun to worry about sleeping, duh.

Then, suddenly, it's your last night, and you remember that you'll have to go home soon.

But you can't even be sad about it, because this spring break has been the absolute best. 

You tell all of your friends how much you loved it, and how perfect it was. Goodbye has never been so sweet. Breaks may end, but Facebook albums last forever.


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