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What Does Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Say About You?


Today marks Girl Scout Day—it's the 103rd birthday of the organization, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to indulge in Girl Scout cookies. We won't judge if you polish off an entire box on your own. Your desire to eat ALL of the cookies in one sitting says a lot about the depth of your determination—but what do the cookies you were reaching for say about you?

1. Thin Mints

One of the best things about Thin Mints is the refreshing, cool taste that they leave in your mouth even after the very first bite. They are cool and they know they don’t have to try very hard to be America’s favorite. If you are a Thin Mints girl, you have a charismatic personality that people are naturally drawn to. Everyone around you marvels at your ability to stay calm, cool and collected even in the midst of the most hectic of exam weeks.

2. Samoas

Upon initial inspection, it might have seemed like Samoas had a little bit too much going on and you weren’t sure if you could handle that kind of crazy in your life. The fact that you were willing to give this cookie a shot (and that it’s now your favorite!) speaks volumes to your willingness to try new things, take risks and be adventurous. Your spontaneity is infectious and you are never afraid to speak your mind. 

3. Trefoils

Taylor Swift must have been eating this cookie when she wrote the line “we never go out of style,” because Trefoils are one classy cookie that will always be a Girl Scout classic. While some might opt for the flashier treats, your loyalty to this traditional cookie shows your taste for the simpler things in life. You don’t need chocolate or artificial flavoring to know a good cookie when you see one. Just like Trefoils, while you might not have the most outgoing exterior, you are loyal to those around you and provide a drama-free environment and your friends and family adore your level-headed, positive personality.

4. Tagalongs

Tagalongs are your spirit cookie because in both of you, there is way more than meets the eye. While you might be a tough cookie to crack, once people get to know you they are surprised to find a lovable interior. You are good at seeing past external appearances in both other people and in everyday life. You pride yourself on your creativity and being engaged in artistic endeavors, however, unlike peanut butter, you are careful not to overspread yourself in your activities.

5. Do-si- dos

These cookies are commonly seen as the less interesting version of Tagalongs. They have the yummy peanut butter center, but they are seriously lacking in the exciting and equally yummy chocolate department. If you like Do-si-dos you are not afraid to go against the crowd and proudly be your own person. If all your friends ordered a box of Tagalongs because they like chocolate would you order some too? Definitely not. You just like peanut butter and you don’t care who knows it. Your unwavering, unbiased personality makes you the best person to get advice from.

6. Savannah Smiles

The name of this cookie speaks for itself! If you are a Savannah Smiles fan you there is no doubt that you are the person who greets everyone with a smile just to brighten their day. Your optimistic personality rubs off on people just as much as the powdery exterior of the cookie rubs off on your hands.

7. Lemonades

Your favorite cookie has a tangy, zesty taste and you've got a personality to match. Friends find your fun-loving personality refreshing and you enjoy being the center of attention! The yellow box that your favorites are in are just an outward manifestation of your bright and sunny attitude.

8. Thanks-a-lot

As the name suggests, these cookies are the politest of the Girl Scout bunch. The word “thank you” appears in several different languages on the cookies to make sure that everyone is included. Like these cookies, you are well-mannered and inviting. You always strive to make everyone feel comfortable and when you are around, even the smallest good deed does not go unnoticed.

9. Cranberry Citrus Crisps

These cookies are a newcomer among the Girl Scout cookies and have not quite yet made a name for themselves, but that is okay because they are up to the challenge. If the Cranberry Citrus Crisps are your favorite cookie then you are a person who is not easily intimidated by change or new events in your life. You are always ready to meet challenges head on, you exceed all expectations, and you are not afraid to put yourself out there. Along with your trusty cookies, you are ready to show the world something it has never seen before.

No matter which cookie is your favorite, we can all agree upon the importance of earning a badge in cookie snacking!

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