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11 Moments of Stress Every Twenty-Something Experiences


Sometimes your inner-monologue sounds a lot like, "OH MY GOD, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE???? I THINK I'M GOING TO JUST GIVE UP AND MOVE TO MEXICO AND PRETEND MY RESPONSIBILITIES DON'T EXIST." Just remember that you're not the only one out there whose brain is telling her that she should just give up. Also remember that you should never give up, because you're awesome. 

1. The moment when you're looking for a post-college job and realize you’re incredibly unqualified. 

Someone just needs to give you a damn job. 

2. The moment that you realize that you have no idea what a 401K is. 

You don’t really need one, right?

3. The moment you remember that you have to worry about figuring out your life on top of all of your work.

You just keep repeating your new mantra: “Stress is my friend. Stress is my friend. Stress is my—” *Bursts into tears* 

4. The (many) moments you get asked, “So what’s next for you?”

Can we all agree to never ask this question of anyone ever again? 

5. The moment you start to realize you can’t eat like you did as a freshman. 

But pizza is bae...

6. And the moment that your doctor tells you that your caffeine intake is unhealthy. 


7. The moment you realize that you probably don’t have time to binge-watch House of Cards on Netflix, and that your time management is indeed a problem that you’ve created for yourself. 

And... now you’re judging yourself. Awesome. 

8. When you look at your bank account and see just how poor you are. 

How are you going to pay for an apartment? A car? Nutella?!

9. When you promise yourself that your nap will only be 15 minutes... and wake up three hours later having gotten nothing done. 

But... But... Why aren’t there more hours in the day?

10. When someone you like asks for a favor but you’re too stressed to even think about agreeing to help them. 

*Hops away from responsibility*

11. The moment you take a step back and realize that none of these should be considered problems. 

And then you feel guilty because all you really need to worry about is taking a breath and telling yourself that you can do this. 

Because you can. #IGotThis

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