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15 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Flirting


It’s the weekend, you’re at a party, the cute guy from across the room catches your eye and before you know it, you two are engrossed in a flirtatious conversation full of eyelash-batting and hair-twirling. At this point in our college careers, flirting should almost be second nature to us, yet we STILL get totally nervous whenever the cute guy invites us out onto the dance floor.

Chances are if you’ve ever flirted with a cutie from a party (which you totally have, don’t lie) you’ve probably had at least one of these embarrassing thoughts!

1. Wow, that guy’s really cute. Is he looking at me? I can’t tell if he’s looking at me. Oh no, he caught me staring. How long was I staring at him? Act casual. ACT. CASUAL.

2. Oh my God, he’s coming this way. Is he coming towards me? What am I going to say? I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER MY OWN NAME RIGHT NOW!

3. Oh, he said something kind of funny. I should laugh. Am I laughing too much? Does my laugh sound cute, or do I sound like a dying hyena?

4. He asked if he could buy me a drink. Do I stick with my signature vodka-cran, or do I ask for a beer to look tough?

5. Why does he keep staring at my mouth? Is he going to kiss me, or do I just have something stuck in my teeth?

6. Wait… am I wearing cute underwear right now? Yes, I definitely am. Good. WAIT, did I shave my legs last night?! No, I definitely did not. Not good.

7. Did I really just say that? Why am I acting like this is the first time I’ve ever interacted with a member of the opposite sex?

8. Maybe I should throw in a sexy wink or something… nope. That was terrible. That was a terrible idea. He probably just thinks I have some sort of weird twitch now. Great.

9. I literally can’t stop playing with my hair. What is wrong with me?

10. Oh no… awkward silence. Say something to keep the conversation going. Anything. Don’t just stand there! SAY. SOMETHING.

11. He just touched my arm. He totally wants me.

12. Can we just make out already?!

13. Ahh, all of my friends are leaving! Do I leave with them or keep talking to this cute guy? Who am I kidding – I’m definitely staying.

14.  He wants to dance? How’s he going to feel when he realizes that my dance moves are less “Beyoncé at the VMAs” and more “Taylor Swift dancing in the audience at the VMAs”?

15. YES, he asked for my number! Success!

So maybe we have no idea what we’re doing, but that won’t stop us from flirting with every hottie who comes our way! For now we’ll just pray that we can Taylor-Swift-dance our way through any flirtatious situation – vodka-cran in hand, of course. 


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