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13 Things Every Girl Tells Herself During Spring Break


It's finally here! Spring break couldn't come at a better point in the semester if it tried. Whether you're heading to Panama City Beach, Tijuana, Key West or anywhere else warm and sunny for your upcoming break from exams and essays, these are a few of the things that you're likely to think during your week of sunkissed debauchery.

1. "OMG I need this break SO badly! Where's the alcohol?" 

2. "...But I'm not going to drink THAT much. I know my limits!"

Nice try. You're not fooling anybody.

3. "We definitely won't get hungover. We're better at drinking than that." 

4. "I seriously need a tan."

5. "My hair is going to look so beachy and Blake Lively-esque. For once." 

Or not. 

6. "But I've been working out, so at least my beach body will look banging."

7. "And I'm going to be sure not to drunk eat and ruin that beach body." 

But then there was pizza.

8. "I can definitely put on my makeup for tonight after drinking on the beach all day." 

What could go wrong?

9. "I'm not going to spend that much money; boys will buy us drinks!" 

But really, kiss your savings goodbye. You didn't like money anyway, right?

10. "I really feel like I'm going to meet a great guy here!"

If "good guy" means "guy who is looking for a dance-floor makeout and nothing more," then yes, you will meet a good guy. Many, in fact.

11. "Oh well, at least I have margaritas."

And daiquiris. And piña coladas. So many new friends to keep you company!

12. "Oh, and obviously I'll be sure to get my assignments done before we go back to class..." 


13. Can spring break just last forever, please?!


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