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5 Career Websites Every College Girl Should Bookmark


We’ve all had those days where we feel weighed down with worries about the future. How do I get an internship? Is my resume good enough? What career path should I choose? There’s no need to panic, because you’re not alone! These are questions all collegiettes find themselves asking from time to time. Before you let the stress of internship applications and finding a job after college take over your life, take a look at these websites that will help guide you toward ultimate career success.  

1. The Muse

On The Muse, you can find tons of articles filled with career advice that will help you find a job that lines up with your passions. You can also find information about grad schools and how to make your job application stand out from the pile. Additionally, you can up for The Daily Muse newsletter to get even more career advice and the latest updates on companies that are hiring.

“The Muse is like a one-stop shop for all things related to your career,” says Lily Herman, a Wesleyan junior who works as an editorial intern for The Muse. “The site features absolutely stunning company profiles, so you can see what working at these organizations is really like. I really believe that The Muse offers some of the best career advice out there. You can never really go wrong reading an article on there.”

2. Levo League

Sometimes websites can be filled with tons of information, but you still can’t find the specific answers you’re searching for. If you’re looking for one-on-one career advising, Levo League is the perfect source for career advice on a more personal level. Levo offers a mentoring program where you can connect with professionals who will help to jump-start your own career.

“I reached out to a mentor who worked in the field I was interested in, and it was the perfect way to gain insight for future jobs,” says Caitlin Avery, a senior at The Ohio State University. “I got to learn about her experiences, and she even helped me engage in networking opportunities with employers.”

You can sign up for free and ask different career experts questions to steer you toward the right path!

3. CareerRookie

Sometimes career fairs can be pretty overwhelming, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. CareerRookie is a student-based organization that links job and internship seekers to different opportunities. One of the unique features this website offers is local career fairs. You can also post your resume and interests to the site and let employers reach out to you.

“CareerRookie led me to a career fair near my school, where I met with companies and actually got a couple interviews!”says Rebecca Kid, a senior at Dartmouth College. “It was a great resource to help me get connected with future employers.”

4. Intern Queen

If you’re looking for internship advice or opportunities, look no further. The Intern Queen Lauren Berger is here to help. Berger started the website in 2009 to share her experiences and help college students find jobs and learn professional skills. She has been featured on The Today Show and Fox & Friends and in The New York Times, the New York Post and Teen Vogue.

“When I was an intern and looking for internships, there were not many helpful websites,” Berger says. “I wanted a website that felt like a community — and I wanted a person to take me by the hand and guide me to great internships. That what I try to do for students.”

Her blog is full of tips and tricks to impress your bosses, use social media in the workplace and boost your resume. Big-name employers and companies can post jobs right on the site for you to browse and apply to. Take advice from Lauren, who has had 15 internships throughout her career. Her website will put you one step ahead of the crowd!

5. Ed2010

Has it always been your dream to work for a magazine, just as our favorite stars do in all those clichéd films? Turns out it might be possible after all. Ed2010 is the perfect website to find advice on getting into the magazine and media business. On the site, you can find job and internship opportunities all over the country. They even have tips for how you give your resume a complete makeover to attract specific brands.

“Ed2010 is awesome for editorial and magazine internships and jobs,” says Avianne Tan, a senior at New York University. “They also have resume reviews and mentorship programs you can apply to.” Check out Ed2010 to kick-start your magazine career!

There’s no need to panic about your future just yet. Take time to do some research and find out what’s right for you! These resources will bring you one step closer toyour dream job.

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