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The 12 Stages of St. Patrick's Day


The Irish are more than just creators of the world's best comfort food. They also created the world's best holiday - St. Patrick's Day! This is one of the only days when eating and drinking to our heart's content is actually encouraged, and we couldn't be more on board. Now that St. Patty's is right around the corner, it's time that we acknowledge the various stages that every hardcore fan of the holiday experiences:

1. You spend hours shopping for the perfect green outfit and leprechaun props. Shamrocks, anyone?

2. You consider dyeing your hair red...

red hair

...because you want your share of free drinks. Plus, red hair makes you look like an Irish goddess. Will you regret it later? Probably.

3. The big day arrives. Breakfast has never been more exciting for you!

Did someone say beer in bed? Maybe you'll hold off a little longer...?

4. What's more? It only gets better with lunch!

You can devour a sumptuous meal and forget all about counting calories for a day!

Oh, and let's not forget that your meal comes with a side of extra... booze!


5. It's cool though, because you've already accepted you won't be going to classes today.

Can your professors even be mad? Nope!

6. You spend hours looking at cute pictures of animals dressed in green to get in the spirit.

cute cat

#sorrynotsorry, you can't help yourself.

7. And you spend some more hours dressing yourself up in that perfect green outfit.

dressing in green

Is yours better than everyone else's?! Maybe you should add another four-leaf clover, just in case.

8. A Shamrock Shake is your idea of the perfect evening snack.

shamrock shake

Never before has McDonald's felt so magical! TBH, it probably never will again.

9. You can finally be proud that you ate all your greens today!


I mean, it's not like you're completely lying, right?

10. You attempt to mimic an Irish accent...

...It doesn't go well.

11. But hey, everyone is super friendly anyway! Seriously, you've never made so many friends in the history of ever.

12. You're just excited to spend the best night of the year with people who are on your level.

JK, no one can match your enthusiasm. You're the St. Patty's Day queen and you know it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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