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17 Reasons Why TGIT is the Best Night of Our Week


Everyone who's anyone knows about TGIT: "Thank God It's Thursday." Thanks to the genius of Shonda Rhimes, Thursday nights are our favorite nights of the week; we get back-to-back new episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. We're not sure how we got to be so lucky, but we do know that come 8 p.m. every Thursday, we're planted on our couches with a glass of wine and popcorn (maybe even cookie dough...) in hand to watch the crazy, riveting drama unfold. Last week's finale of How to Get Away With Murder had us on the edge of our seats, and we can't wait to see what Grey's and Scandal have in store for us this week. Every Thursday is filled with a roller coaster of emotions, and here's why it's absolutely worth not going out:

1. Grey's has been around so long that sitting down to watch it is like cuddling up with our person...

2. ...especially when we've had a rough week.

3. Because Meredith's dark and twisty humor is just what we need.

4. And her #realtalk gets us feeling all the feels.

5. So do every character's love struggles.

6. But just when we need a little pick-me-up after a particularly emosh episode of Grey's, Scandal comes on, and Olivia Pope reminds us that we are gladiators.

7. Only she understands our love of wine...

8. ...and love of the guys who treat us like the powerful women we are.

9. Olivia goes to the end of the earth to get what she wants...

10. ...all while wearing the chicest clothes. Duh.

11. But even Olivia Pope has moments of weakness...

12. ...which is why at 10 o'clock, the next powerful woman, Annalise, rolls in with How to Get Away With Murder...

13. ...to remind us not to make hasty decisions...

14. And yet, we still want to be a member of Annalise's posse...

15. ...because despite everything, they seem to have a lot of fun.

16. TGIT brings us a trio of shows sure to make us think about real issues...

...like race

...and gender dynamics

...and sexuality

...and ethics.

17. And, you know, really juicy guilty-pleasure drama.

#sorrynotsorry, we can't get enough. Ever. Can it be TGIT every night, please?

Maybe we should be saying TGFSR (Thank God For Shonda Rhimes) instead!

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