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How You Feel on Exam Day, As Told by 'Parks and Recreation'


Parks and Recreation may have ended, but that doesn't mean its characters won't live on. Why? Because Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson and the rest of them just get us. And they definitely get how we feel during the panic of exam day, because let's be honest: We're feeling all the feel all at once, and the clock is ticking. Here's what exam day is really like:

Your alarm sounds and you couldn’t be more depressed because TODAY IS EXAM DAY!

You’re cranky because you pulled an all-nighter to prepare, so you’re only running off of a two-hour power nap and a couple of granola bars (read: Oreos).

You take advantage of every last second to cram in some more material... until you panic because you realize you only have 15 minutes to get dressed and make it to class.

On the way, you feel the need to ask your friends for a last-minute pep talk.

And for a split second their reassurance starts to help you perk up a bit...

...Until you start feeling hopeless again because you realize they’re not in this class and couldn’t possibly understand how tragic this test is going to be.

So you fall back into your state of supreme displeasure and become irritated by every little thing. Watch out, chirping birds and chipper freshmen.

You finally make it to class; you couldn’t be more anxious if you tried.

Despite knowing this counts for 40 percent of your grade, you try to psych yourself into thinking this exam is no biggie.

And you start to feel confident again when you see how easy-peasy question #1 is.


You definitely get suspicious when the next couple of questions are just too good to be true...

..And then the short-answer portion backhands you, and you want to throw your desk across the room in a fit of rage. 

You’d feel embarrassed if you cried in front of everyone, so you try convince yourself that grades don’t matter anyway.

But you’re really so furious that you begin plotting how you can destroy your professor’s career…

Especially as you're on your way out and he has the nerve to ask you,“How do you think you did?”

You finally leave and you’re utterly confused about how the exam could have gone that terribly.

You feel the need to laugh at the fact that you’re royally screwed now...

...Until you realize how silly you are, because you forgot one simple thing that’ll ease your pain:

So you know you may have been wrong about every question on that exam, but you're confident about what to do next...

You did it! You survived. Here's to treating yourself on exam day, and every day after.

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