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The 9 Stages of Midterms, As Told by Disney Characters


Midterms always seem to come out of the blue. Your classes seem like easy A’s (you really don’t have to do the reading, and your prof. barely takes attendance) - until you realize that it’s the middle of the semester and exams are literally next week.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably amidst the midterm season panic, so continue procrastinating with some Disney characters who feel your pain.

1. The Surprise Stage

Everything is great until one day you look at the syllabus and realize you have a midterm TOMORROW.

....And it's worth 50 percent of your grade.

How did this happen? This can't be right.

2. The Planning Stage

Okay, you’ll just make a to-do list. That’s productive.

You’ll read all the chapters you neglected all semester tonight and study your notes tomorrow morning.

Checking off things will make you feel good.

3. The Procrastination Stage

Since you're feeling so productive, maybe you should add some things to your checklist.

Once you do your laundry, clean your room and reorganize your desk, you’ll be ready to go!

And of course you’ll have to watch a few episodes on Netflix, just so you won’t be tempted to later.

4. The Oh Crap Stage

Aaaannnd it’s 11 p.m., and you haven’t done ANYTHING.

Your exam is in 12 hours; how are you supposed memorize half a semester’s worth of knowledge?!

That's it, you're screwed.

5. The Focused Stage

Okay, time to buckle down. For real.

All-nighter, here you come.

Focus now - you can sleep tomorrow.

6. The Bargaining Stage

Maybe if you just skim the first couple chapters of the book and forget about note-taking, you'll be good...?

If you finish this chapter, you can have a cookie. Or three.

All right, there’s actually no way you can memorize all this. What’s the lowest grade you can get without failing out of school?

7. The Over-It Stage

Well, if you don’t know it by now, you're never going to know it.

This is it: One hour to go and you’ll be done. Just make it through.

It’s only one grade. It doesn’t matter that much! One day you'll back on this and laugh.

8. The Relief Stage

Thank goodness that’s over!

It wasn’t thaaaaat bad.

You're just happy that you don’t have another exam until finals!

9. The Despair Stage

Oh wait, you have another exam tomorrow.

Back to the library...

...After you nap, of course.

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