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The 14 Most Hilarious Reactions to #DressGate


In the words of Ellen DeGeneres, "From this day on, the world will be divided into two people. Blue & black, or white & gold." We're still questioning everything we know about life as it is—and as last night's debate completely broke the Internet, a Google search isn't going to lead us to the truth... but it certainly has proven fruitful in providing us with some pretty hilarious reactions to life's biggest question.

Leave it to Jared Leto to remind us that at least some truth still exists...

...but that clearly wasn't the truth some of us were looking for.

Since the Internet couldn't answer the question, some people decided to go the old-school route.

Others decided to reach out to the higher powers.

At least one of those higher beings responded with their verdict.

Some questioned BOTH sides of the debate.

And then there were those who chose not to accept that there was another side.

Meanwhile, it seems that Kylie Jenner was way, way ahead of the whole thing.


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Or... was it this puppy that had it right all along?

After a certain point, Ariana Grande just could not.

Emmy Rossum, on the other hand, needed to STOP. EVERYTHING.

Amidst all of this, we had to be reminded that there's more to life than #TheDress.


Get your priorities in order #thedress

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...Even though clearly, last night's events will likely have some very serious consequences for us in the future.

But until this is all sorted out, we'll just have to question everything.

Are you team #whiteandgold or are you with #blueandblack?

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