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15 Struggles Girls Experience When Going Out During Winter


Anything that combines high heels and slippery ice is bound to make any girl's head spin. As if prepping for a night out isn’t already the ultimate struggle (trying on five different outfits simply won't cut it), winter swoops in and mixes things up in the worst kind of way. Here are a few dreadful, inescapable struggles all us girls experience when going out during the winter.

1. Trying to get motivated to go out and brave these artic temperatures in the first place.

Netflix and a bottle of wine is the same as clubbing, right?

2. Resenting every outfit you own because you have yet to make that blisteringly cold trek to the gym.

There, there Regina. We finally feel your pain.

3. Finally having to shave after days of not exposing your body.

This is probably going to take a while

4. Trying to combat unruly hair static. There seems to be only one true solution:

5. Desperately trying not to wear all black from head to toe.

Seriously, do they even make winter clothes in non-funeral colors?

6. Trying to make a ton of layers work without looking too bulky.

Maybe no one will notice...

7. Attempting to recreate that summer glow on your pale winter skin.

There's no getting back those countless hours spent over winter break perfecting that now non-existent tan.

8. Trying to shake the curse that is chapped lips.

Three tubes of ChapStick later and still no progress...

9. Contemplating wearing tights.

Bring on the inevitable struggle of trying not to rip them when getting dressed. May the force be with you.

10. Deciding between a trendy moto jacket or that puffy down coat.

Maintain your trendsetter rep and get frostbite in the process, or ruin a killer outfit by looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. You choose.

11. Battling frostbite when you wear that oh-so-thin LBD.

...A battle in which you’re never victorious.

12. Spending hours curling your hair just to have it ruined by whipping winds and snowfall.

Why must life be so cruel?

13. Keeping your eye makeup from running when violent winds make your eyes water.

I’ll just try to save the eye with the better cat wing?

14. Wearing heels out in the snow...

Okay, so you have a death wish?

15. ...Or not wearing heels.

Doomed if we do, doomed if we don't. Traction is real, people, and it's necessary.

And just when you think you’ve got your balance….

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