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Which Snack Fits Your Personality?


You already know your favorite snack. You probably even know your bestie’s favorite snack (because you’re just that great a friend!). But let us ask you this: Do you know which snack you really are, deep down inside? Do you have a tough and crunchy exterior but a soft and gooey inside? Or are you more of a “what you see is what you get”-type snack – you know, like a carrot stick or a Cheerio?

There’s no wrong answer. The only wrong answer? Not finding out for yourself!

If you’re everybody’s best friend, you’re...

You’re the life of the party, no matter what you’re doing! Saturday night in with the girls? You’re the first to suggest a Friends marathon (because duh). Out on the town? You’re the all-inclusive girl who’s always making new friends and giving everyone compliments that you actually mean. Seriously, people just love you, and that’s why you’re the party. Naturally, you’re a LUNA Bar, but not just any LUNA Bar – definitely the new Chocolate Cupcake LUNA Bar, because nothing screams “everybody’s favorite party snack” quite like a cupcake.

Plus, since LUNA’s gone entirely gluten-free, both you and your LUNA Bar spirit are always making brand-new friends to join in and make every day brighter. Keep on being the bestie we all wish we had!

If you’re complicated and mysterious, you’re...

We’re about to bust a common misconception about the chips-and-guac combo snack: Everyone loves them (like, LOVES them), so they must be mainstream. They must be simple. If you’re one of the rare folks who understands how so totally false this is, then you, my friend, are truly chips and guac.

You’ve got layers. You’ve got surprises. Some days you’re all guac-y goodness, others you’re spicy with a dash of salsa, and still others you’re dry and restrained. You’re moody like that. The good news is, once people take the time to get to know you – to examine you chip by chip and appreciate each of your many surprises – you’ll treat them to the very best sides of you. They’ve earned it. In the meantime, you’ll just chill in your bowl full of secrets.

If you’re daring and mischievous, you’re...

Oh, popcorn, you’re always popping up when we least expect it. You’re the one who’s spontaneous, down to try anything and always up for some good, ol’ fashioned fun. You’re not interested in the status quo or obsessed with appearances – to you, “diet” is a four-letter word and “unsalted” is practically an insult. You like to indulge in the little things in life and enjoy every step of the way, and that’s why you’re a tub of buttery, salty, fresh-out-the-microwave popcorn.

Your mottos? #YOLO and #sorrynotsorry (and you’re totally #sorrynotsorry that #YOLO is overplayed, either). Live it up and keep on poppin’.

If you’re the artistic soul, you’re...

You, my friend, don’t play by the rules. You’re the one who’s always trying to think outside the box and paint outside the lines, and you’re all about the presentation – if you had it your way, you would style everything and everyone that crossed your path (You try your best with VSCO Cam-ed Instas, naturally). We shouldn’t even have to spell it out for you: You’re froyo, through and through.

Why froyo? Well, you take on whatever form fits your artistic whim of the day – polished and clean as the blank canvas that is a swirl of tart-flavored froyo one minute, then wild and bright like an every-flavor-every-topping concoction when inspiration hits the next. No matter what, you’re sophisticated and oh-so-pretty inside and out, and you take good taste seriously (sometimes, more seriously than anyone else you know... Luckily, they have you).

If you’re the sweetheart, you’re....

You’re sugar, spice and everything nice – minus the spice, of course (or maybe just a little, you insist). Not to be confused with everybody’s best friend, you’re pretty selective about the friends you make; but once they earn your trust, you shower them with affection and sweetness the likes of which have never been seen before... other than in a bowl of strawberries and sugar, of course.

Here’s the deal: You can’t help it that you’re adorable and irresistibly nice. It’s just you doing you. You’re the girl who’s the first to ask how her friend is feeling, the good listener, the shoulder to cry on, the dream girlfriend. You’re also that girl who good things just seem to happen to (Hint: It’s probably because you’re so freaking sweet). Are you perfect? Nah. But you’re as close as it gets!

You are what you eat – are you eating the snack you really need in your life? Have some fun with everybody’s best friend, the new LUNA Chocolate Cupcake Bar, and the rest of its gluten-free friends – be a part of the party (all snack personalities welcome)!

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