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7 Self-Tanners That’ll Give You a Perfectly Bronzed Glow


Even if it might not feel that way, warm weather is fast approaching and we’re looking a little, well, pale. And since lying out on the beach isn’t a year-round option for most of us, we have to turn to the next best thing: self-tanners! We rounded up seven bronzing products that are quick, easy and guaranteed not to turn you orange.

1. Neutrogena Micro-Mist Airbrush Sunless Tan ($10.99)

This quick-drying spray allows you to bronze all those hard-to-reach places (like your back) without the streaks or dreaded orange palms you risk with a lotion. “I love it because it dries instantly,” says Adrian Thompson, a senior at the University of Iowa. “It adds just a touch of color without being too bold or dramatic.” With this micro-mist, you’ll never have to worry about looking like Snooki.

2. Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelette ($27.00)

If you want to try something different than a spray or a lotion, check out these self-tanning wipes. They’re pretty big (9 by 12 inches) so they’re easy to apply without streaks. Use them once for a subtle glow before a night out, or multiple times if you’re looking for a deeper, more long-lasting tan. You have to wait a little bit to notice some color (about two hours), but the natural look is worth it!

3. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse ($32 for 4 oz.)

Even though it’s on the pricey side, this self-tanner is worth the splurge. “It gives you a golden brown color that lasts about a week or so,” says Kaitlin Manion, a junior at Temple University. “The company also provides videos online about how to put it on!” With its lightweight, velvety texture, this formula dries in 60 seconds and leaves you with instant color. Plus it’s tinted, so you can see what you’re doing and never miss a spot.

4. Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion($13.99)

Looking for a more natural product? This self-tanner gives you a subtle tint sans the chemical smell. With ingredients like shea butter and soybean oil, your skin will feel silky smooth after a couple uses. It also comes in two shades (fair and medium), so you’ll be sure to get color that works best for your skin tone. Bonus: it’s vegan and cruelty-free!

5. Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer ($9.99)

Looking like you stepped off the beach AND rocking smooth skin? Sign us up! Jergens provides a natural looking glow that gradually builds as you use it. “It’s amazing!” says Iris Goldsztajn, a junior at the University of California, Los Angeles. “After about four or five days, I started to really see a difference. I really notice a natural bronze glow on my skin.” It’s also a moisturizer so you can say goodbye to dry skin!

6. Victoria’s Secret Instant Bronzing Tinted Body Spray ($15.00)

If you’re feeling non-committal to being bronzed, this self-tanner is for you. With its continuous spray design, you’ll get instant color that dries quickly, but washes off in the shower. It hides your imperfections while evening out your skin tone. You’ll never have streaks and look as flawless as a VS model.

7. Australian Gold Faces Sheer Coverage, SPF 45 ($9.99)

This triple threat is a self-tanner, bronzer and sunscreen, which means you can build your color gradually while staying protected from the sun’s harmful rays. With its oil-free formula, it’s perfect if you have sensitive skin. Even though it has “faces” in the name, you can use this tropical-scented lotion all over your body.

Just because you can’t soak in the sun doesn’t mean you have to forget about look like a bronzed beach goddess. These seven self-tanners will help you achieve that natural glow (even before winter is over!) so you can head right into spring and summer looking like you’ve just been on a beach vacation… and not like you’re coming out of your winter hibernation.

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