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7 Crushes You’ve Totally Had (But Should Never Pursue)


Crushes are supposed to be a fun way to explore who and what you’re attracted to – and are a great way to distract yourself in class, of course. Sometimes, though, our crushes are ultimate no-nos, and it’s important to just admire them from afar. Here are some people that are soooo attractive for all the right (and wrong) reasons, but that you maybe (definitely) don’t want to go after:

1. The Best Friend

Out of every person on this list, she is probably the easiest to fall for. Every queer girl has been through it at some point in her life, whether it was as long ago as in middle school or as recent as just yesterday during girls’ night in. We get it; you already love everything about her, and this seems like it could be so easy. But please, save yourself the struggle (because it will be a struggle). While there are plenty of fish in the sea, your best friend is one in a million. It’s better not to risk the friendship unless you’re 100 percent sure it’s going to work.

2. The Roommate

Not only is this the person you see every day, but chances are, you’ve probs already seen her naked. This Carmilla-like romance is super appealing because there’s no need to travel far for a sexy sleepover. This could work out if she’s already crushing on you right back. But #lesbehonest, do you really want to be sharing an apartment with your girlfriend basically instantaneously? We didn’t think so.

3. The Unattainable Straight Girl

This is the part where we save you from yourself. The unattainable straight girl is a beautiful, mystical breed that every queer girl desires to capture. Like a majestic unicorn, she floats through your life (and captures your heart) with her lighthearted jokes that you’re totally her type and her hugs that last a few seconds too long. This siren of the queer-girl-dating sea is nearly impossible to catch; the moment that you think you have her in your reach, she’s already running back to her boyfriend.

4. The Attractive TA

Let’s get this straight: This is not Pretty Little Liars, you are not Aria and she is not the female Ezra. While she’s extremely attractive and suuuper smart, it’s probably not in your best interest to date her right now. Not only is she in charge of your grade, but depending on what school you go to, she could possibly get fired if anyone found out you were dating. If you two do get together, it should be long after the semester is over; in that case, it could be a great experience for her to teach you a little bit more—and this is a lesson plan you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

5. Your Sorority Sister

You’ve had a slight lingering attraction to her since you first spoke to her at bid day, and now that you’ve gotten to know her better, you’re totally hooked. Being in a sorority together, you already know that you share similar values. While this can definitely work, keep in mind that if this does go wrong, it can produce some pretty awkward feelings when you have to get together for chapter events. Like, all the time…

6. Your Ex’s Ex

We know, the queer community on your campus is most likely tiny, so this might not be entirely out of the ordinary. Considering you both dated the same person, you probably even have tons in common! But then all of the annoying habits that she has reminds you of why your mutual ex told you she dumped her in the first place. Skip!

7. The Mentor

Ever since you met your mentor, you basically decided you want to be her when you grow up. She’s a grown woman who knows what she wants out of life, and the fiery passion she has for her career makes her undeniably sexy. While you can probably learn a thing or two from being in a relationship with a grown woman, you could also lose an important connection in your field if it ends badly, so it’s probably best to keep admiring her persistence from a strictly platonic standpoint and maintain a more professional relationship. Sad, we know.

There are plenty of girls that you’ll end up dating so make sure not to lose sight of other crush-worthy ladies around you!



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