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11 Things That Are Better Than a Spring Break Bod


We're all about being healthy here at Her Campus, but whoever said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels has never had Nutella. Or cookies. Or pizza. Or fun. Here are 11 things that are WAY better than scoring a spring break bod, if you ask us:

1. Not having to go through the torture of wearing a sports bra. 

Or any bra, for that matter. You don’t need one when you’re sitting in bed. 

2. Watching six consecutive hours of Netflix. 

With no one to judge you. 

3. Eating Nutella by the spoonful. 

It’s the only way to eat it, really. 

4. A wine night with all of your best girls.

Without having to worry about the hangover ruining your workout. 

5. Ordering a whole pizza and telling yourself that you only did it to have lunch for the week. 

But you’re going to eat that whole thing in one night, naturally.

6. Not having to put on pants for an entire day. 

It's a no-pants party and you're the only one invited. 

7. Coming home after a long day in class and enjoying a margarita... or five. 

Everyone has her guilty pleasure. Yours is named Jose Cuervo. 

8. Calling your long-distance BFF and talking to her for three hours.

It's your time to catch up, and you refuse to waste it at the gym. 

9.  Not running, that's for sure. 

Laying down is so much better than being out of breath. 

10. Staying up all night because you don't have to go to yoga at 5:30 the next morning. 

11. Not having piles of laundry to do because of sweaty gym clothes. 

Save your quarters for something else, amirite? 


If you're working on your spring break bod, remember it's all right to indulge in the little things once in a while — a spoonful of Nutella won't kill you! 

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