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4 Times Neil Patrick Harris Delivered at the Oscars (& 2 Times He Failed)


In the capable hands of Neil Patrick Harris, an angelic voice and whip-smart humor awaited us at this year's Oscars. We know he can sing and dance, as host of the Tony Awards and star of Dr. Horrible. We also know he’s an incredible actor—did you see Gone Girl? Following up Ellen’s run as host might have felt a little daunting (and maybe that explained the few times he fell a little flat), but Neil still left us with an enjoyable night... even without the most retweeted selfie of all time. Let's discuss:

1. BEST: Opening number

Accompanied by a Cinderella version of Anna Kendrick, Neil opened up the show with a rousing song by the writing duo behind "Let it Go."

2. BEST: J.K. Simmons jingle

After J.K. (rightfully) won for Best Supporting Actor in Whiplash, Neil cheekily responded with a riff on the Farmers Insurance jingle.

3. BEST: He went on stage. In his undies. 

Octavia Spencer had the best reaction.

4. BEST: He didn't let John Travolta forget last year's mistake

Remember when John couldn't pronounce Idina's name? NPH didn't let that one slide, joking that Benedict Cumberbatch is "the name you get when you ask John Travolta to announce Ben Affleck." John may have redeemed himself, but that moment definitely won't be forgotten anytime soon.

5. WORST: The briefcase gag

Poor Octavia Spencer got wrapped up in a flat joke about NPH's Oscar predictions. Sorry bud, but it dragged on for too long. Octavia was a good sport about it, though.

6. WORST: Flat jokes

He made David Oyelowo read some jokes aloud in his British accent. There was clipped applause. Fortunately, NPH recovered with a little giggle and all was forgiven. 

We get that Ellen is a hard act to follow—but did Neil Patrick Harris live up to your expectations as host?

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