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25 Reasons 'Gilmore Girls' is Still Relevant


Gilmore Girls graced us with its presence on Netflix last fall, and we've been working our way through the ups and downs of life in Stars Hollow, CT, like it's our job. Seven years may have passed since the show was on the air, but it's still (always) one of our faves because its witty, real and heartwarming nature is timeless. Still need convincing? Here are 25 irrefutable reasons why:

1. The characters focus on the important things in life

2. ...like drinks

3. ...and hating the same things our friends hate.

4. Our guys can really learn from Luke!

....and Max

...and Jess

...and Dean

5. We can watch the Tristan-Dean fight over and over again... and imagine they were fighting over us.

6. ...And drool like Louise while staring at a young Chad Michael Murray.

His stint on the show was FAR too brief.

7. Rory's first "I love you" might just be the TV scene of the decade.

8. Because sometimes love is just really confusing.

9. But Lorelai knows how to turn our attitudes around with some good 'ole self-affirmation.

10. She learned to put a positive spin on things growing up with the most difficult mother of all time.

11.  And though Lorelai may not be traditional, she gives excellent motherly advice.

12. And passed on important values to Rory. Like her TV addiction.

13. Rory and Lorelai make us feel better about our lack of ability to function in morning classes...

14. ...not to mention our NEED for caffeine.

15. Rory shares our distain for excessive PDA...

16. ...and our serious struggles during finals...

17. ...and shows us how to handle mother-daughter disagreements like a pro.

18. Lorelai gets how happy shoes make us...

19. ...and that pizza solves just about everything...

20. ...and that cake is something we simply cannot live without.

21. But when food doesn't have the answer, our people do.

They're just the cutest mother-daughter pair, ever. #lifegoals

22. Because Paris's ambition is intense, but inspiring.

23. And even though she's an oversharer, we all want a Miss Patty in our lives.

24. And Kurt's working on a way for us to avoid the gym, so we HAVE to keep him around.

25. Plus, Emily is a straight-up boss.

If you learn nothing from Lorelai and Rory, learn this at least from Emily: Who run the world? GIRLS.

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