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15 Quality Excuses Not to Go Out


Allow us to set the scene for you: It's Thursday night, and your friends want you to go out. Your inner FOMO radar wants you to go out. But do you actually want you to go out? Nope, you're busy wondering if the new episode of Pretty Little Liars is on Hulu yet and imagining how comfy your bed will feel tonight. Sound familiar? We've all been there (some of us more than others...), so we've got you covered with 15 tried-and-true excuses to use on your friends. You know, when you're more excited to hang out with Netflix than you are to hang out with them... no hard feelings, though?

1. It’s cold outside. Far too cold for anything that isn't a pair of flannel pajamas.

2. On the other hand, it’s warm in your bed. Logic dictates you stay there.

3. You have literrrrally nothing to wear.

Call me when they make party-appropriate outfits out of flannel pajamas. Then we'll talk.

4. You JUST went out like two weekends ago. Obviously it's too soon.

5. You’re 80 percent certain that you’re allergic to interacting with other human beings and you don’t want to chance it.

House parties and bars? Yeah, they're full of people. What do your friends want you to do, walk into a death trap?!

6. Friends is on Netflix now, so everyone will be at home watching and the bars will probably be empty anyways.

7. Wearing heels sounds like the worst thing you’ve heard since the song “Call Me Maybe.”

8. Tumblr is more comforting than your friends.

It deserves your time and attention, too!

9. You haven’t caught up on Broad City yet and you need to know what other antics Ilana and Abbi are going to get into.

10. If you drunk-eat mozzarella sticks one more time you may explode, and you want to protect everyone from the impending shrapnel.

11. You have sooo much homework to do. “UGH sorry guys, I wish I could…” *browses Pinterest for two hours*

12. You have to…help your…your grandma is…you have to wash your hair?

13. You did like, six lunges and a burpee at the gym today... so you’re pretty beat.

14. There’s a BuzzFeed quiz that determines whether or not you and Harry Styles are soulmates, and you’re dying to find out.

Your friends should be happy that you have your priorities straight.

15. You’ll go out tomorrow! Maybe.

LOL JK you're never leaving your bed. But no one else needs to know that.

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