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The LGBTQ+ Playlist You Need for Next Weekend


So many song lyrics are based on love, so what are you supposed to do when there aren’t any songs about the butterflies that fit your identity? Find some, of course! Here are just a couple of songs either made by queer artists or that address the queer community. Get your playlist ready!

1. Hannah and Maggie: “The Land and The Sea”

Hannah and Maggie are an award-winning folk duo who went to Smith College together and are now based in both NYC and Northampton, Massachusetts. Their harmonies are tight and their friendship is absolutely adorable – one of our favorite groups right now!

2. Perfume Genius: “Hood”

Perfume Genius, also known as Mike Hadreas, just released his second album, Too Bright, which is deeply dark and powerful. After listening to one song, we were completely hooked because of his lyrics, gorgeous melodies and blues-y feel.

3. Sam Smith: “Latch”

We’re betting you’ve heard of Sam Smith, the Brit who’s taking the music world by storm and breaking barriers by being open about his relationship (and breakup) with his boyfriend. He recently brought home four Grammys, and we are so excited to see where this artist goes!

4. Austra: “Home”

In an interview with AfterEllen, Katie Stelmanis, the lead singer of Austra, said “All I ever wanted was to be a gay band,” so we thought it was only fair that Austra was included in this roundup. Austra is a Toronto-based electropop group that uses electronics in an incredibly quirky and catchy way – give them a listen and you won’t be let down.

5. Patrick Wolf: “The Magic Position”

Patrick Wolf almost has an ‘80s vibe with his up-tempo, pop songs in conjunction with his deep, vibrato-rich voice. This London-based musician has dark music videos that have a great message about self-acceptance and social justice.

6. Jenny Lewis: “Just One of the Guys”

We’re obsessed with ex-Rilo Kiley lead singer Jenny Lewis’s seductive, slightly gravelly mezzo. She’s becoming more and more well-known, as demonstrated by the fact that she was able to land Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson and Kristen Stewart for her music video! Her beats are catchy and this song has been stuck in our heads for weeks.

7. Making Friendz: “Situation”

Making Friendz is in every way a fusion band. Tami Hart, the lead singer of Making Friendz, says that the band’s song list is full of “lesbian anthems.” Definitely an upbeat group to blast when you’re getting ready to go out or if you just want a soundtrack for your inner ‘90s grunge lesbian – we’re totally getting those vibes!

8. JD Samson, MEN: “Off Our Backs”

MEN calls itself a queer art collective, and with JD Samson, a gender activist and DJ based in New York, headlining their new LP, they’re bound to go places. Their work is heavily dance- and pop-influenced and, again, they’re totally a group to rock out to on a Friday night.

9. Demi Lovato: “Really Don’t Care

We’re positive you’ve heard of Demi Lovato, but the Disney starlet has fully blossomed into an anthemic pop queen who’s a proud advocate of LGBTQ+ rights. She’s got a killer range and voice and a “bite me” attitude that we just can’t get enough of.

10. Mary Lambert: “Secrets”

Mary Lambert took the music world by storm by singing the hook on Macklemore’s “Same Love,” but she’s an artist in her own right who produces beautiful, emotional spoken word poetry and catchy pop tunes. She’s also a proud lesbian and creates anthems for the LGBTQ+ community.

11. Tegan and Sara: “Closer”

Tegan and Sara

To conclude your LGBTQ+ playlist, who else should we look to but the holy grail of lesbian duos, Tegan and Sara? They’re well loved both in the LGBTQ+ and the non-queer pop scene. Really, listen to any Tegan and Sara song and you’ll be set – their pop melodies are unbelievably catchy, and once you start listening, you won’t be able to stop!

Want the full playlist? We’ve put it together for you here!

You can definitely find music that fits both your taste and identity; in this playlist alone, there’s folk, pop, indie, electronic and grunge! These are just some of our personal favorite LGBTQ+-friendly songs, though – let us know what some of your favorites are below!

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