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The 15 Most Annoying Things Single Girls Are Tired of Hearing


Whether you want to be single or not, there are just some things you never want to hear from your friends. They mean well, but sometimes their two cents of advice are just not helpful. At all.

1. "Being single is so less stressful anyway."
Then why are you in a relationship right now...?

2. "Why aren't you in a relationship?"
I don't know, I just love my cat too much.

3. "Girl, you are so much better than [your ex's name]."
I know I am, but that doesn't help me find someone new.

4. "The second you stop looking for love, it will find you."
I've stopped a while ago, so... can you explain that?

5. "Please let me set you up, I know the perfect person for you!"
How about no.

6. "Stop being so picky, maybe that's your problem."
A girl's gotta have some standards!

7. "Do you want to come out with us?" (says your friend who's in a relationship)
As appealing as third wheeling for the umpteenth time sounds, I'll pass.

8. "Don't worry, it'll happen."
Yeah, when? In five years?

9. "There are plenty of fish in the sea."
That's nice, but I'm not looking for a fish.

10. "You? You're single?!"
Yep, huge suprise, I know.

11. "Maybe you aren't putting yourself out there enough."
Uh, nope? I'm already pushing the whole "putting yourself out there" thing to the limit.

12. "You just haven't found the right person yet."
You don't say...

13. "Everything happens for a reason."
That is possibly the least helpful, unoriginal advice ever.

14. "Maybe you're just better off single."
Why thank you, that's so comforting.

15. "Take time to work on yourself first."
Is there something wrong with me? I'm pretty sure I'm already fabulous.

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