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11 Atrocities Girls Suffer Through in the Name of Fashion


Calling all fashionistas! New York Fashion Week is officially underway, which got us thinking about the completely outrageous ways in which women suffer for style. We’re poking fun at some of the most extreme (but not completely surprising) things we put up with for the sake of looking great.

1. Wearing heels in the snow

Fashion editors are notorious for attending designer shows in heels despite the weather. Even more devoted than the postal service, these ladies wear their favorite pumps no matter what the conditions.

2. Tight clothing

We’ve all had moments when we possibly outgrew—or maybe shrunk in the dryer—the best piece in our closet. But that won’t keep us from wearing those skinny jeans, regardless of the fact they cut off our circulation and leave us gasping for the tiniest of breaths. No big deal!

3. Leather pants

You know those days when you decide to upgrade from your usual, boring leggings into sleek, leather pants. And then something you never saw coming happens. You have a Ross moment. Just don’t call Joey for advice.

4. Body temperature confusion

On insanely cold days all you want to do is cover up and layer to the max, but when you step inside the heated oasis that is the indoors, you’re suddenly roasting. You can’t bear the thought of deconstructing your effortless layering, though. You’ll eventually cool back down, right? We’re sure this problem is rampant at those packed fashion shows in freezing New York, too.

5. Undergarments in general

High fashion ensembles require expertly curated undergarments. Ever heard of Spanx, strapless bras, and seamless underwear? While these items are especially innovative, they’re also unbelievably uncomfortable. Expect to be pulling and tugging to keep everything in place and avoid a wardrobe malfunction!

6. Tote bags a.k.a. black holes

If you’re going to an elite designer fashion show, you’ll definitely need to pack everything but the kitchen sink in your purse. Enter the tote bag. The bigger the better is what most of us think… until we’re digging for our hairbrush, breath mints, and lipstick to no avail. Never trust a tote!

7. The winter dress dilemma

It’s likely you bought a multitude of adorable dresses over the summer, and now that it’s cold, uncovering—and shaving—your legs seems like an act of torture. But if you really want to wear a chic sheath, you have to brave it. Good luck!

8. Jumpsuit + bathroom = tears

While jumpsuits may be all the rage right now, trying to use the bathroom in a one-piece is like playing a game of Twister. Let the frustration ensue.

9. Tangled in jewelry

Accessories are mandatory for any proper outfit, but prepare to deal with twisted necklaces, rings that get stuck in your cable knit, and bracelets that clang every time you move an inch.

10. High-waisted pants

Yes, they’re the cutest way to make people forget about your boring, worn-out bottoms. But we bet you didn’t consider bloating after a big lunch or guzzling a few drinks. We’re not ashamed to admit we’ve popped a button open toward the end of the day on several occasions.

11. Dress code

How do men constantly get away with ignoring dress code? Possibly because the rules of menswear aren’t nearly as strict as for women. Study up on the difference between business casual and black tie before attending any event, or you’ll likely end up hiding in the corner.

Oh, the struggle is real! In what crazy ways do you suffer for fashion, collegiettes? 

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