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14 Things That Happen to Hopeless Romantics on Valentine's Day, As Told by Jessica Day


There's a pretty commonly known stereotype that Valentine's Day divides the female population in half. You're either the annoyingly happy girl in a relationship who just can't wait to get the roses she told her boyfriend to send, or you're the girl throwing the "I Hate Valentine's Day" party.

Somewhere in the middle of those personalities, though - somewhere between wishing you had someone to spend the day with and also wishing you didn't care - there's a hopeless romantic who can't decide if Valentine's Day is the best or the worst thing ever (sound familiar?). Here's Jessica Day's take on 15 things that happen to these gals on the most romantic (or miserable?) day of the year.

1. It's slightly embarrassing, but you actually think Valentine's Day is kind of cute.
Okay, really cute.
2. Since you're not dating anyone, you catch yourself imagining what it would be like to date each guy you make eye contact with on campus.
Is he thinking what I'm thinking? Is this fate? Is he the - oh, nope, there's his girlfriend. Moving on.
3. All day, you're totally torn between trying to see the best in the holiday...
People are in love!! This is cute!! I am actively trying not to cry!!
4. ...And joining all of the other singles in abhorring it.
If you can't beat them, hate on them.
5. You're trying to enjoy being single, but every social media feed is blowing up with couples.
It's cool. It's totally cool. You Insta'ed a pic of your cat, which is honestly better than a boyfriend anyways.
6. You vow to stay off social media - as it will only make you miserable - and settle for cute YouTube videos.
OMG, who is chopping onions????
7. You know there are a few guys who could potentially be your Valentine...
Ex-boyfriend? Bad idea. That one senior you hooked up with freshman year? Oh, he's married now. Oh. Okay.
8. ...But then you start to question your whole idea of if "that special person" is even real. Is this even a thing?

Disney movies lied. WHERE IS MY PRINCE CHARMING??

9. You cry at least once at some point during the day. Even if it's just a little bit. Even if it's in the shower.
*Alone, but with a cat.
10. Your friends in relationships won't stop talking about what their boyfriends planned for their V-Day date.
Seriously, what makes her think you are the person to tell this to?
11. By the end of the day, you've heard so much love talk that you're starting to wonder why you thought this was cute. Like, ever.
There IS such a thing as death by too many #ManCrushEveryday Instagrams and Tweets. There is.
12. It makes you angry to know that, if YOU were the one in the relationship, things would be so different.
YOU would only talk about your (super perfect) flower arrangement to your mom, not your single lady friends. Because you care.
13. For now, though, you'll have to settle for staying single and enjoying the pool of hotties to look at.
Taken or not, they're always fun to look at.
14. Besides, you'll always have your true Valentine...

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