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13 Valentine’s Day Hashtags for Single Girls


Valentine’s Day (or like some like to call it, Singles Awareness Day) is right around the corner, and needless to say, us single ladies are less than thrilled. While it’s bad enough to see happy couples hand-in-hand around campus, we also get bombarded with cheesy romance all over social media. So instead of rolling your eyes at every #bestboyfriendever and heart emoji, Instagram and Tweet away with these single girl-approved V-day hashtags. You're welcome.

1. “Who needs a fancy Valentine’s Day dress? Sweatpants all night. #blessed”

2. “Party full of single people = my box of V-Day candies. #singleandreadytomingle”

3. “Box of chocolates for one? Don’t mind if I do. #nomnom #foodporn”

4. “Ryan Gosling will always be better than your boyfriend. #mancrushalways #marryme #butreally”

5. “Drinking wine alone tonight. #sorrynotsorry”

6. “Nutella is basically my soul mate. #truelove #bestieverhad”

7. “#tbt to last year when my BF forgot a V-day gift… #bye #betteroff”

8. “Ben & Jerry’s > your Valencia-ed 5-course meal. #nofilter”

9. “If T-Swift doesn’t need a man, neither do I. #shakeitoff”

10. “I’d rather watch chick flicks and have a dance party with my girls anyways. #whoruntheworld #singleladies”


11. “Netflix is my true #bae. #letsbereal”  

12. “Would you rather have flowers or pizza delivered? #onerightanswer #pizzaforever”

13. “Good thing this is all a marketing campaign for Hallmark. #truestory #fakeholiday”

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