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How to Stay Warm When You're Working Out Outdoors


Let’s be honest. Some days it’s tough to get motivated to walk to the gym, much less get pumped for a chilly outdoor run. Counteract your winter funk with some cute workout clothes specifically designed for those cold winter days. Here are some great pieces that will keep you warm and dry on your daily run:

1. Feelin’ Frosty Softshell, lululemon, $248

This insulated, high-neck jacket (with a detachable hood!) keeps you toasty throughout your run! Plus, the reflective accents on this stylish piece will keep you safe even when dreary winter days keep it dark outdoors.

2. Power Stretch Tight, Athleta, $59.99

These cozy running tights feature expedition-weight Polartec fabric to keep you warm during your winter workouts. The cute purple color is just an added bonus!

3. Run With Me Ear Warmer, lululemon, $32

On extra-cold days, this fleece-lined ear warmer will protect your ears from the blistering winds.

4. Zoom Wildhorse GTX Running Shoe, Nike, $130

The high-tech waterproof protection on these stylish kicks will keep your feet dry and warm even during rainy days and frosty snowstorms.

5. Funnel-Neck Pullover, Victoria’s Secret, $59.50

This cozy pullover features a high neckline to keep you feeling warm (and looking totally chic) during inclement weather.

6. Vapor Flash Running Gloves, Nike, $65

These sleek gloves use patented technology to retain heat, keeping your hands toasty warm. Added bonus: touch-screen fingertips make it easy to change your playlist mid-workout.

7. Evolution Leg Warmers, lululemon, $48

Leg warmers aren’t just for '80s theme parties! Slide them over your leggings to stay cozy during chilly runs.

What’s your secret for staying warm during a chilly winter workout?

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