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17 Reasons Galentine's Day is Better Than Valentine's Day


A lot of you are thinking...

1. Galentine’s Day is the one day of the year that your friends can celebrate each other and shower each other in ~*love*~. 

Well, a little more than you do every other day. 

2. On February 13th, all of your friends, single and taken, can get together for a magical evening of fun! 

And celebrate with waffles, ideally.

3. Why? First, because your friends have been there for you through the Valentine’s Days that you spent crying into a box of chocolate you bought for yourself. 

It was for your own good. 

4. And second, because your friend's always give the best advice. About crushes, about wardrobe, and about attitude in general.

5. You’ll all sit around and talk about all of the fun times you've all had. 

And you will love every second. 

6. You'll also chat about your ex who tried to hit you up last night. 

But you might have answered because you were feeling lonely...

7. Which will make more than a few of your friends look like this:

They really didn’t like him. 

8. In that moment, it is oddly comforting to know that any one of them could throw a punch for you.

...And you would help them get away with it. 

9. Because you know they’ve got your back. 

Even when they’re not exactly sure what the situation is. 

10. You’ll also start telling your most horrendous hook-up stories. Duh.

And spend a good amount of time laughing. 

11. At least one of your friends will say something like this, 

And you all secretly admire her. 

12. Let’s face it, you’re so close with your best friend and Galentine's Day partner in crime that people have asked if you were a couple.

And you’ll always model your friendship after Ann and Amy’s. 

13. She and your other besties will try to pull you out of your Valentine’s sugar coma (which, of course, started well before the holiday)...

Key word here is try. 

14. ...And shower you in compliments...

No matter how oddly specific. 

15. There will be a lot of compliments. 

You’ll bask in the compliments. 

16. Because you all know...


17. And that’s what Galentine’s Day is all about.  

Hint: You are. 

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