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The Guys Looked Good at the Grammys, Too


We love awards season for so many reasons—Taylor Swift's best dance moves, plenty of entertainment from our favorite performers and yes, stunning red carpet looks. The ladies really set the bar at the Grammys this year, but we think the men deserve a little bit of the spotlight, to—here are the guys who really stole the show at this year's Grammy Awards!

1. Nick Jonas

We love how this dreamy crooner mixed a formal (but eccentric!) suit with white sneaks. So on point!

2. Sam Smith

He's taken home many a coveted award, but we're pretty sure a spot on our best-dressed list is what he was really working for.

3. Big Sean

Monochrome is still in, and Big Sean is here to prove it.

4. Jesse McCartney

We love that Jesse didn't go with the traditional black suit, yet still managed to embody the classic look with a deep green velvet number. 

5. Kanye West

As it turns out, a deep-cut neckline isn't just for the ladies. And is that a peplum we see?!

6. Hunter Hayes

This may be your classic, basic look—but those shoes truly make the outfit.

7. Jay Z

The navy, the peek of the ankles, that chic watch... we'll just leave the list at that.

8. Pharrell

An all-white short suit? A million times yes. We won't lie though... we do miss the Pharrell hat.

Cheers to all the cuties in the suits! Which man do you think was the best-dressed?

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