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10 Celebs Who Are Definitely Celebrating National Pizza Day


It's the most wonderful day of the year: National Pizza Day! Today's the day to proclaim your love for pizza without even an ounce of shame. You can celebrate by eating it, tweeting about it, or wearing it... just like these famous pizza lovers. If the holiday snuck up on you, don't panic—enjoy a Hot-N-Ready along with these pizza-crazy celebs!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

We all know J-Law loves to talk about her favorite foods on the red carpet, but pizza holds a special place in her heart. During a Moviefone Unscripted interview with the Hunger Games cast, Jen shared a hilarious story about Josh Hutcherson's mom forgetting to order the pizza. We understand, Jen.

2. Niall Horan

Niall can't be bothered while he enjoys a slice of pizza after playing a show with One Direction.

3. Katy Perry

Caught in the act: Katy Perry steps out in a pizza onesie and takes selfies with her fans. Eating pizza is one thing, but wearing it takes the love to a whole new level of devotion. 

4. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran uses Twitter to express his love for pizza. Indeed, it is the circle of life. 

5. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling chows down on a slice of pizza in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love and he looks pretty darn good doing it.

6. Beyoncé

Queen Bey just become the queen of this beloved dish. Beyonce ventures out to grab some pizza, while wearing pizza. All hail the Queen.

7. Tina Fey

The only person who loves pizza more than Liz Lemon is Tina Fey. In fact, Jimmy Fallon even surprised her on The Tonight Show with her favorite pizza from her hometown of Upper Darby, PA.

8. Victoria Justice

Looks like Victoria Justice shops at the same place as Katy Perry and Beyoncé do, but honestly who wouldn't?

9. Chris Evans

Chris Evans got a pizza surprise while promoting his film on Good Morning America. Pizza for breakfast is always a good life decision.

10. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep gracefully grabs a quick slice during Ellen's pizza party at last year's Oscars and gets a nomation for best performance. Best night ever?

Who cares about Valentine's Day? It's all about celebrating real love: pizza. Happy National Pizza Day!!!

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