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You Can Now Have Your Dermatologist (Literally) at Your Fingertips


Have you ever gone to a dermatologist?

You’ve probably, like me, heard mixed reviews about dermatologists either being your skin’s fairy godmother or just being a money wasting gimmick. My past experience has fallen with the latter. 

As I babbled about my acne problems, my new dermatologist turned my face this way and that, and after a short couple of minutes, prescribed a weird oxygen treatment and a retinoid cream that her assistant would walk me through. When her assistant came in, I realized they wanted me to buy $400 worth of products and sign up for $300 worth of oxygen treatments. Uh, bye.

After that experience, I was convinced I was fighting this acne battle on my own, until YoDerm came calling. It’s basically a board-certified dermatologist tucked away on your phone, laptop, and/or tablet. The most work I had to do was fill out a form about my medical history and list my skin issues. Then, I grabbed my phone and took uncomfortably close but clear pictures of my face (sans makeup of course). Two minutes later, I had my photos uploaded and my consultation submitted. My favorite part? I was curled up on my couch watching Netflix instead of a stiff waiting room chair. The whole process took me about 10 minutes.

The real results came the next day when my inbox buzzed with a message from Dr. Paik and a notification that my prescriptions were ready at my chosen pharmacy. My favorite part in her message? She said, “It takes 2 to 3 months to see the full benefit from topical creams, so stick with it and don’t give up too quickly.” That’s a hard lesson I’ve learned while navigating the world of skincare because you want to see results within days (not weeks!), and I’ve heard the same thing from my friends. Having your dermatologist reassure and motivate you to keep trying makes all the difference!

Each consultation is only $59, which is what I paid as a co-pay with my insurance at my last in-person dermatologist visit. This time, I didn’t have someone pressuring me to buy expensive products. I got prescription-strength topical medicine, advice on how to better use my own Clarisonic and cleansers, and I did not even have to work it around my schedule. 

Putting on my retinoid cream!

While YoDerm does not accept insurance, definitely bring it with you to the pharmacy for your prescriptions. I saved over $250 on my creams with my insurance! 

Now, is Dr. Paik is going to abandon me after our initial consultation? Nope. I can easily message her from my patient dashboard with any questions or concerns, and if her prescription isn’t working for me, whether from adverse side effects or irritation, she’ll write a new prescription free of charge.

YoDerm has launched in New York, California, Texas and Pennsylvania, with more locations coming soon. If you’re under 18, you just need your parent’s e-signature to join.

YoDerm can make great dermatologists accessible to collegiettes everywhere! Between running to lectures, yoga classes, brunch dates and more, I just don’t have time to trek uptown for an appointment. My dermatologist goes with me wherever I am.

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