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7 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas


It’s so hard to come up with a plan for Valentine’s Day that doesn’t lean too far on the side of “we’re just friends hanging out” but doesn’t overstep the “we’re remaking a scene from a Hallmark movie” line. Here are a few V-Day ideas that are just the right amount of romantic.

Go ice-skating

Get all bundled up and bring along thermoses of hot chocolate to enjoy after hanging onto each other for dear life for a few laps around the rink.

Go on a picnic

But instead of braving the frigid February weather, lay down a blanket in your living room. Light some candles, cook a great meal and enjoy your indoor adventure!  

Create a playlist

Since no one actually makes mixtapes anymore, create a playlist of songs that remind you of your sweetheart and put it on a flash drive. Bonus points if it’s a cute flash drive like this heart-shaped one!

Write out your feelings

Instead of texting him your deepest sentiments, write them out in a poem or a love letter. He’ll love knowing that you care about him enough to actually sit down and pen your feelings for him, and it’s something he can keep for a long time.

Pamper each other

Pick up some oil and candles, put on that Valentine’s Day playlist you made, then have a romantic night in giving each other sensual massages. It will make for a night he’ll never forget!

Have a movie night

Pick out a cute romantic comedy, make some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch together for amovie night!Low-key nights like this are low-pressure, and the casually romantic atmosphere will remind him why he’s so comfortable with you. Besides, if the movie’s bad, you can always just make out instead!

Surprise him with something special

Since you probably won't spring for a dozen red roses, buya dozen red balloons instead! Leave a tiny note to the bottom of each string with a romantic verse or a reason why you love him.


If none of these ideas seem like the “right move” for you and your guy, check out more creativeV-Day date ideas and romantic gifts to find one that works for you!

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