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The 'Vanderpump Rules' Drinking Game


With all of the snow and cold weather, now is the time to stay in with your friends, snuggle up with an entertaining show and, perhaps most importantly, get drunk. If you’re craving a show with drama, attractive people and ridiculous arguments, Vanderpump Rules is the show for you. And if you’re in the mood to drink, well, the Vanderpump Rules drinking game is definitely for you. Check out the rules below - if you follow them, you’ll probably be wasted halfway through an episode.

Take a sip every time…

1. Jax lies.

2. Katie gets walked all over by her friends/boyfriend.

3. One of the guys does his hair/makeup/eyebrows.

4. Stassi gets into a fight with someone.

5. And then the next day explains in gruesome detail what violent act she wants to do to said person.

6. And her friends look uncomfortable while she's telling them this.

7. And then she tells the camera how much better she is than everyone and does that shrug/smile like she can't help her superiority.

8. Kristen discusses her master plan of trying to break up Tom and Ariana. Take an extra sip if she's telling this to her boyfriend, James.

9. One of the characters is drinking on-screen.

10. Lisa has to console an employee and offers pretty legit advice for a woman who can't seem to move her face.

11. Someone warns Vail to stay away from Jax.

12. Vail flirts with Jax anyways.

13. Peter’s on screen with his creepy 'stache and ponytail.

14. Tom Schwartz acts like a wimp.

Take a shot whenever…

15. James talks one-on-one to the camera (you’ll need it).

16. A fight breaks out at Sur.

17. Jax cheats on a girlfriend... or whenever anyone cheats on his or her SO. Pace yourself, 'cause it happens more than you'd think.

18. Scheana brings up her singing "career." 

19. Scheana starts singing and shows us all why she hasn't reached stardom yet.

20. Someone starts crying.

Good luck!


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