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How Single Girls Spend Valentine's Day


You rise and don't shine at an unreasonable hour because, as a single girl, there's not much to look forward to on Valentine's Day.

On the bright side, you don't have to slave away in the kitchen cooking breakfast in bed for anyone.

But that also means you don't have anyone to cook you a fancy breakfast. Packaged food it is.

Things could be worse. Pop-Tarts still taste pretty darn good at 11 a.m., so you tell yourself that you don’t need a man to enjoy the day.

You walk to your afternoon class seeing people with heart-shaped balloons and bouquets of roses, but you act completely unfazed.

Sure, it’s sad that you aren’t receiving any gifts, but it also means you're not spending a bunch of money on a significant other.

Even when you seclude yourself in your room, you can't seem to escape the onslaught of public displays of affection. Facebook is the worst culprit, with its never-ending feed of lovey-dovey relationship statuses.

But as much as you try to play the "happily single" role, there is a part of you that's like:

And your loneliness hits you like a ton of bricks.

But your bitterness toward the couple-centric holiday eases up when one of your best friends surprises you with a Valentine's gift.

Because as much as you wanted to hate today, her kind gesture gives you a tornado of mixed emotions.

The twisted look on your face makes her say,

To which you reply,

The two of you decide to make the best of things by planning a girls' night later with your other single friends.

But really, the occasion is just an excuse to consume an unhealthy amount of chocolate...

...as well as gossip and vent about your respective boy problems...

...and drink wine from a box, like the classy ladies you are.

It sounds like a winning game plan to everyone in attendance.

After an evening with great company and indulgent food, you decide that spending Valentine's Day as a single woman isn't all that bad.

But you warn your friends that your opinion may change when the chocolate runs out.

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