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5 Chic Ways to Style Wet Hair


Ever not have the time to blow-dry your hair? Ever just… not want to? Most of us do everything in our power to minimize the time we spend getting ready in the morning, even if it means sleeping in a braid. Whether it’s because our makeup routine is becoming lengthier every day or we really want need that extra hour of sleep in the morning, we’re always up for finding the easiest ways to do our hair (while still looking fabulous!).

For those days you can get away with it, styling your hair wet could actually be easier and faster, plus it'll leave your hair frizz-free! We’ve rounded up 5 ways to style your hair, without needing the extra 20 minutes with the blowdryer.

Sleek ponytail

What if we told you could look like red carpet material without even pulling out your styling tools? A sleek ponytail is easily the most stunning style you can achieve with wet hair.

Brush through your hair, and part it whichever way you would like—whether it’s slicked back, or split down your usual part. Carefully comb your hair back as tightly and neatly as you can, and pull it into your regular pony. You can lightly comb down any stray pieces. To minimize fly-aways and keep it lasting all day, finish the look off with some hairspray!

Sleek bun

If Kim K can pull it off at her numerous events, then chances are that you can get away with this on a daily basis. Follow the same steps as you would if you were making a ponytail, then twist your ponytail around the elastic and secure the bun with bobby pins. No matter which way you achieve your own bun, styling it wet will always up your chic factor. Again, be sure to secure it with a bit of hairspray!


When we say braids, we mean any kind of braids. It might be common sense, but braids are way easier to do when your hair is wet. They arguably even look better that way, too! For a new spin on things, we recommend the rope braid. Simply begin by making a ponytail and dividing it into two sections. Twist each section separately in opposite directions, and tightly wrap one around the other. Then secure the end with another elastic. 

And voilà! You look like you put a lot of effort into that ‘do without touching any semblance of a tool... all in a matter of minutes.

Real beach waves

Remember in middle school, when all of the girls would put copious amounts of gel in their hair to achieve curls? Well, we can’t say they weren’t onto something there.

For a look that makes it seem like you actually just got out of the water, brush through your wet hair. Apply mousse throughout, grab large sections of your hair and scrunch lightly! Really longing for the summer? Finish with a sea salt spray!


The reason many of us refuse to venture out with wet hair is because we don’t feel put together. Wet hair usually screams, “I pressed the snooze button 5 times on my alarm this morning and now I’m late.” While that may or may not be true, there are ways to dress up your hair to make it say, “I did this on purpose.” Combining your sleek up-do with a headscarf, wrap, or band is an easy way to upgrade your wet-hair look.

These styles will still look great long after your hair dries, too! Which of these styles is your secret morning weapon, collegiettes?

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