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Katy Perry's Halftime Show is Full of Surprises (& Fireworks)


Whether you're a diehard football fan or just show up for the buffalo wings and nachos, one thing about the Super Bowl that's definitely not to be missed is the halftime show! Star-studded performers, dazzling sets and "I-never-would-have-even-guessed" guest stars always make it a show to remember, and Super Bowl XLIX's halftime was definitely no exception. Keep reading to see our recap and favorite moments from this year's halftime show!

1. Katy making an entrance

Lion? Tiger? We're not really sure what animal it was that Katy made an entrance on as she opened with her hit "Roar"—what we do know is that it was ah-mazing! (Also, where can we get one of those?!)

2. Bring on the dancing chess pieces

Even after such a fab entrance, the rest of Katy's performance definitely did not disappoint! Proof? Her performance of "Dark Horse," complete with super cool dancing chess pieces and a giant chess board. After this, our new life goal is to become one of her backup dancers.

3. Rocking out with Lenny Kravitz

It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without tons of cool surprises and special guests, and XLIX was definitely no exception. Katy jammed with Lenny Kravitz in a super hot (literally!) flame suit to everyone's throwback favorite "I Kissed a Girl." 

4. Beach babes

What Katy Perry performance would be complete without a little fun under the sun, à la "California Girls"? Katy's performance of our favorite summer jam was super fun, with dancing sharks and beachballs, and totally has us dreaming of summer more than we already were! 

5. Missy Elliot drops the bass

Remember what we said about the special guests? Pre-Super Bowl rumor was that Missy Elliot would be joining Katy onstage for halftime, and we may or may not have died of excitement a little bit when Missy finally strutted onstage. Dare we say she stole the show?

6. Baby, you're a firework!

Every happy ending calls for some fireworks, and Katy ended her show with a sparkly bang as she flew above the stadium during her performance of "Firework" on her own personal shooting star!

What was your favorite moment from this year's dazzling halftime show, collegiettes?

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