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Makeup Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday


Patriots or Seahawks? Whichever team you're rooting for, you're already picking out the perfect outfit for your Super Bowl party—but here's one thing you can't forget: Your beauty look! We have got you covered with tons of ideas... none of which involve face paint. Check out some cool ways to incorporate your team's colors below!

Need some color inspiration? Here's what to stock up on:



1. Patriotically cute

In all honesty, you are more than free to recycle your Independence Day makeup look as long as it incorporated red, white and blue.

For this look, apply a white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes and to part of your lid and a blue to the outer corner. Smudge the blue and white in the center using a silver shade. Then, blend the blue up and outwards into your crease. Add some eyeliner and mascara. Finish off with red lipstick. For added color, use a red eyeliner, like OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils in NSFW ($12.80), on your bottom lash line.

2. Tatted up

Another simple way to show off your pride is by adding a temporary face tattoo that will rub off with some baby oil.

For this look, prep your lids with a wash of either white or silver eyeshadow. Apply red eyeshadow to your crease, making sure to blend outwards. Line your eyes with blue eyeliner, like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos ($20). Finish off with mascara and a cute face tattoo! Check out the NFL New England Patriots Face Paint and Tattoo Pack ($22).

3. A little goes a long way

If you just want to be relatively simple, adorn your eyes with blue eyeliner and paint your lips red. Fashionable, chic, simple, easy and Patriotic. For added shimmer, add a light wash of silver eyeshadow to your lids.

Fear not Seahawks fans, we've also got you covered.

4. By the Sea(hawks) side

This look is pretty great because it features tinted eyebrows. For this look, you'll need to apply green eyeshadow to your lids and blend into your crease. Use a light nude eyeshadow to blend from the crease up to your brows. Apply black eyeliner to the top and then blue to the bottom. Don't forget your mascara! For the brows, the easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is to apply eyeshadow primer to your brows and then pat on blue eyeshadow.

5. Green with envy

This one is just like the Patriots look, but obviously for the Seahawks. In this one, you'll be applying green eyeshadow to the inner half of your eye and then blue to the outer half. Blend in the center and then blend the blue into your crease and outwards. Make sure to add some green and blue to your bottom lash line for extra emphasis. Don't forget your Seattle Seahawks Temporary Tattoos ($9)!

6. Stay simple

Eyeliner is the ultimate life hack to get color and add definition with just a few quick strokes. With this green eyeliner, you can profess to the world that you are a Seahawks fan without actually being decked out from head to toe. To truly get the Seahawks color, add a bit of blue to the corners and smudge inwards to blend it with the green eyeliner.

Which team are you rooting for, collegiettes?

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