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15 Jaw Dropping-Photos of the Polar Vortex


Polar vortex. Deep freeze. Arctic blast. Whatever they call it, everyone seems to be talking about the cold temperatures that have engulfed the U.S. and Canada recently. If you've been living it, you definitely understand what all of the fuss is about. While the continental U.S. has felt more like a scene from the Ice Age than a typical January, these 15 awe-inspiring photos will have you appreciating (even if just for a moment) the beauty of the snow- and ice-covered landscapes.

1. A Pilot's Photo of Chicago

2. Frozen Citrus in Florida

3. Bryant Park in New York City

4. Water Used to Put Out Fire Freezes in Nebraska

5. Tugboat on the Mississippi River

6. Bald River Falls in Monroe County, Tennessee

7. North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan

8. Ice Climber in Pennsylvania

9. Boiling Water Freezes in Chicago

Disclaimer: Don't try this at home! A lot of people have been getting burned!

10. Truck Frozen in Chicago After Firefighters Put Out Fire

11. Frosty Runway

Well, this explains some of the flight delays.

12. Blueberry Farm in Florida

13. Satellite Image of the Polar Vortex

14. Steam Coming Off of Lake Michigan

15. The Mississippi River in St. Louis

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