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The 19 Most Cringeworthy Situations for the Socially Awkward


Everybody experiences an awkward moment here and there, but for you it's a constant, daily battle. Let's just say people skills are not really your forte. While the average person might squirm with embarrassment for just a few seconds, you rack your brain for the rest of the day wondering why you made that odd gesture or spoke those foolish words. If you know you're socially awkward, you'll definitely be able to identify with these terrible, terrible scenarios and maybe even feel a sigh of relief since you're not alone.

1. Getting your hair cut.

Not to be rude, but is it possible to get a cute haircut without the in-between chitchat?


2. Sitting next to anyone on public transportation.

The only safe place to look is down or ahead - that is, unless you're sitting right across from someone.

3. Having to comfort a friend who's crying.

You're not a terrible friend, it's just that a pillow would be of better use to her than your "comforting" words.

4. Eating in front of others.

Because the whole world is probably judging every bite you take.

5. Figuring out the proper way to greet someone you know.

Staying home forever seems like a much better alternative, right?

6. When someone holds the door open for you but you're not exactly close.

Great... now you have to run for the door.

7. Reacting to a compliment.

We bet you've automatically returned the compliment with a "you too" before realizing it's not even applicable to that person.

8. When you arrive to class first and your professor starts to make small talk with you.

Lesson learned: If no one else is there yet, hide out in the bathroom for a few minutes.


9. When your professor makes eye contact with you during lecture.

Smile? Uh, no. Stare deeply into his eyes? Definitely no. Look away? Gah!!!

10. Being momentarily left alone with your SO's parents.

So... this is some really great pot roast!

11. Getting introduced to new people. 

Meet to nice you, too!

12. Talking to anyone on the phone.

Just pray they'll do all the talking.

13. Pulling up next to someone at a red light.

Whatever you do, just act cool.

14. Waving to someone who doesn't notice.

Just going to crawl into a hole now, bye. 

15. Any elevator ride ever.

The stairs seem so much more appealing now than they did a few minutes ago before you made this fateful decision.

16. Being forced to partner up with someone in your class whom you've never talked to.

Hi, I'm from awkward town, how about you?


17. Having to run to catch a bus or train.

Running like a fool: It's in your blood.

18. Walking halfway down the block before realizing you should be going the other direction.

Pardon me while I just conspicuously disrupt the flow of traffic and walk the other way.

19. Realizing that the person you thought you were talking to walked away a few seconds ago.

Cool; I can add "talks to herself" as a new hobby!


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