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The 15 Stages of Being Snowed In


Remember Juno? Nice girl, got pregnant in high school? Made for a feel-good comedy? Well, Winter Storm Juno is nothing like that Juno. Winter Storm Juno is a force to be reckoned with, and while everyone loves a good snow day, what happens when the snow piles high and you find yourself *gulp* snowed in? 

1. You hear there's a snowstorm coming, and you immediately start dreaming of the snow-day possibilities. 

It's all so exciting. Snow days aren't just for high school!

2. You've got to get to the supermarket before everyone else gets the same idea. 

Why does everyone always insist the logical survival foods are milk, eggs and bread? 

3. You realize you've got your priorities straight when other patrons run for the bread while you run for the Nutella. 

Whatever, it's your snow day. Treat yourself. 

4. You and your friends start talking about all of the things you're going to do once it starts snowing.

Let's go sledding... drunk. 

5. But then the snow starts falling and you all decide it's probably not in your best interests to go out.

The world is a dangerous place right now. 

6. So you start fantasizing about living in a place where you wouldn't get frostbite just from venturing outside. 

Queen Elsa, please end this eternal winter. 

7. You start to eat everything in sight, totally ignoring the fact that the point of shopping was to make sure you had enough food to last you. 

You're just getting ready for your hibernation. 

8. You hear Mayor de Blasio told New Yorkers not to order Seamless in the storm. But how will you get your food?

Seamless delivery men are like mailmen, right? They come whatever the weather. 

9. Oh well. Time for Netflix. 

See, Juno approves! 

10. Yes, Netflix, I'm still watching. 

Six hours later.

11. You start thinking that maybe you should go outside and shovel your car out or clear a path to your apartment.

But then you remember just how little you want to do that.

12. You start to get bored. 

You can't imagine sitting in bed for very much longer. 

13. You and your roommates are starting to get anxious. Is this what it feels like to be in prison?

You'd do anything to talk a walk. 

14. You thought snow days would maximize your laziness, but now you're wishing you could get out of this house.

What's happening to you?

15.  Oh well. Guess you better grab the Nutella and prep for another episode on Netflix.

It's going to be a long storm. 


Stay safe out there, ladies! 

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