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15 Things to Do When the Power is Out (& Netflix Isn't Working)


With a massive snowstorm threatening to shut down much of the Northeast, there’s a pretty good possibility of power outages. And while losing access to Netflix may seem like the worst thing that could ever happen, we’ve got 15 electricity-free suggestions to keep you happily preoccupied.

1. Check the light switch in every room

First stage: Denial. Run from room to room checking every light switch to make sure the power is really out. Also, what a great way to reach your daily exercise quota!

2. Catch up on homework

Of course we’re kidding! Consider this lack of electricity the blessing that it is and avoid any upcoming assignments like the plague.

3. Dance in the dark

Glow sticks + a blaring playlist = the most exhilarating dance party you’ve ever been to. If you’ve never danced in the dark with your lady friends, now is the perfect time to try it out. You’ll be breathlessly giggling until you can’t move anymore.

4. Eat everything in your fridge

Since your refrigerator needs electricity to keep its chill, now is the time to finish off any leftovers you still have—and don't forget the ice cream in the freezer. Can't let all that good food go to waste, right?!

5. Tell truly scary stories

Anyone can make up a scary story, but sharing a terrifying tale that actually happened to you is much more fun. You’ll learn things you never knew about your besties and definitely crack up along the way.

6. Debate TV love triangles with your roommate

Shippers have hotly debated who should come out on top of famous TV love triangles for what feels like centuries. Now’s your chance to settle these arguments once and for all. We just feel sorry for whoever ends up on the Dair side of the Gossip Girl dispute. (Chuck + Blair 4EVA!)

7. Build a snowman

If you’re in the lucky bunch that can still get out and play in the snow, sculpt your own little Olaf. He’ll especially appreciate your warm hugs!

8. Read a book

We’re willing to bet there’s a dusty stack of books in your room you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to read. Grab a flashlight and finally figure out what this whole Hunger Games phenomenon is all about (no, it doesn't count if you've only seen the movies).

9. Play board games

Have you ever heard your parents talking about these things called “board games?” Before there were game apps, many of those same games were manufactured in physical form. Drag out your faves and have a blast with your friends—in person!

10. Write letters to your exes

Ah, the art of handwritten letters. Take this chance to air all your grievances to those exes you never had the guts to be honest with. We’ll let you decide whether or not you send them once the mailman reappears after the blizzard passes.

11. Learn to play an instrument

You know that guitar you bought three years ago in the hopes of becoming some Taylor Swift-type prodigy? Why not learn to play it while you’re stuck inside?

12. Make a fort

Play like a kid again by constructing your blanket-and-pillow dream home. It’s the perfect hideaway to ponder your adult goals… or not!

13. Sing all of the songs

How many songs do you know all—or most of—the words to? Sing them all at the top of your lungs until you can’t bellow anymore. (Sorry, neighbors.)

14. Gaze at the stars

Wrap up in your warmest duds and head out to see the stars. You can even make up names for the constellations on the likely chance you haven’t studied astronomy.

15. Sleep

Once you’re worn out from all these power-free shenanigans, you’re going to need to catch up on your slumber time. After all, sleep thrives in pure darkness... and what else are snow days made for, anyway?

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