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15 Thoughts Girls Have at the Start of a New Semester


The start of a new semester always brings lots of possibilities and expectations. Spring semester is great because you’re just getting back from a monthlong break of eating your mom’s cooking, sleeping in well past noon and catching up with old friends from high school. So when it’s finally time to go back, you don’t even care you’ll be in class five days a week again because you’re pumped to return to the promised land of college. But as new classes start and you nurse all too many hangovers, you definitely have these thoughts.

1. I’m going to be a star student this semester!

2. Okay, what possessed me to sign up for an 8 a.m.?

3. The syllabus says attendance is not mandatory... lol, bye!

4. When did I sign up for a 400-level class on Buddhism… and why?

5. I already miss having my mom do my laundry. Like, who carries around this many quarters all the time?

6. Go out, they said. It’ll be fun, they said…

7. Is that the professor or a foreign-exchange student who models on the side?

8. I feel like the rest of the students in this class are a bunch of geniuses and I’m just like, "Hi, I’m new."

9. Who needs a gym membership when you spend half your day just walking to class?

10. When is spring break again? I feel like I've been here forever already!

11.I think I got with that guy freshman year.  Sh*t, we just made eye contact.

12.Is this girl going to bring corn nuts to class every day? Because I'll go crazy if I have to listen to her chewing all semester.

13.Is there a class on Netflix and Nutella that I can take?

14.I wonder if the rest of the class thinks I'm homeless or hungover. Maybe I should've showered today.

15.This week may have been a struggle, but this semester is going to be amazing!

It's always a mix of emotions with the start of a new semester, new classes and the chaos of syllabus week. But college is the best four years of our lives, and you'll be back into the swing of things in no time, so enjoy it!

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