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15 Things All Drunk Girls Do


All in all, drunk girls are a unique breed. We're loud, we're candid and we have an overwhelming craving for both pizza and dancing. Keep reading for a list of more things that we all do when we’re drunk.

1. Make friends with strangers in the bathroom.

“I LOVE your SKIRT. Is it from Tobi??”

2. Yell, “THIS IS MY SONG” and drag your friends onto the dance floor.

Disclaimer: You will yell this regarding six different songs throughout the night.

3. That dance where you slowly wiggle your body and raise one arm in the air.

Otherwise known as the college-girl mating call.

4. Talk about the amount of pizza you’re going to demolish when you leave the bar.

“And mozz sticks. WE HAVE TO GET MOZZ STICKS.”

5. Tell your best friend that she's your best friend. And how much you love her.

Because you serrriously do. She doesn't even knooow.

6. Put up a 109-second Snapchat Story consisting of blurry pictures and pitch-black videos.

Because if you don’t put up a Snapchat Story, how will people even know that you went out?

7. Repeat yourself over and over again.

“Can you believe she did that? Wait, can you believe she did that? Seriously though, can you believe she did that?”

8. Jump up and down and yell, "SHOTS!"

Ignore the pointed glares from across the bar. They’re just jealous of your Fireball.

9. Take 400 selfies.

Forget duck lips; it's all about the strong brow game.

10. Tweet indecipherable inside jokes.

“It goiong down we r yelling timber hah a h rite? carly remembr?”

11. Ask your taxi driver about his life story.

"Where are you from?? Oh my God, I've always wanted to go to Lebanon!!"

12. Pee in an alley or any other inappropriate public place.

When the seal has been broken, anywhere will have to do.

13. Text your crush in a way that you will definitely regret in the morning.


The more Ys you put, the chiller you are.

14. Fall down and almost sprain both your ankles in your heels.

*Takes baby steps and walks with little T-rex arms*

*Falls anyway*


15. And reassure your friends over and over again that you’re not drunk.

"I’m FINE." *falls into a bush*

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