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17 Signs You've Had it With Winter


We all crave the idea of winter in the months leading up to it. Sipping hot cocoa, playing in the snow, buying cute hats, seeing your breath... it all sounds so magical. That is, until winter actually comes. The second the temperatures drop and you have to break out your heavy winter coat, the season loses its luster. We're only a few weeks into January, but we have a sense that some of you are over winter 2015 already. Here are some signs that you're ready for spring!

1. Hot chocolate no longer excites you.
Sadly, neither do any of Starbucks's seasonal drinks.

2. Each new day becomes the coldest day of your life.
At some point it must get better, right? Apparently not.

3. Nothing will get you out of your warm and cozy bed. You have to be forcefully removed.
You're seriously considering getting wall-to-wall carpeting on your bathroom floor and gluing yourself to your bathrobe.

4. You find joy in hearing that the high for the day is in the 30s.
Double digits - such a good sign!

5. Choosing new ChapStick flavor to buy is not at all fun anymore, mostly because you're buying a new tube every other day.
Can't remember the last time your lips weren't chapped? Neither can we.

6. You no longer bother to check or fix your static-filled hair when you get inside somewhere.
The look you're going for is "untamed beast."

7. When someone cheerfully points out that it's snowing, you wonder what's wrong with him or her.
Snow was fun... when you were five and you actually had snow days.

8. You don't want your classes to ever end because it means you have to go back outside again to travel to your next class.
When will underground tunnels become a thing on college campuses?

9. The mere thought of packing on layers of outerwear is enough to keep you inside for days.
Staying in and cleaning up sounds more appealing. So does math homework.

10. You daydream about scorching summer days when you do nothing but sweat.
You'd so rather be complaining about a heat wave than a polar vortex.

11. You've been excessively rude to your friends who live in warmer climates. 
You'd apologize for your overt sass, but you're simply too frozen to say the words "I'm sorry."

12. Slipping on ice has become a normal part of your daily life.
You know it's going to happen; there's (literally) no way around it.

13. Leaving your gloves at home is basically as bad as forgetting your phone.
Frostbite was not really what you wished for back in August when you were complaining about the heat.

14. You've watched every single movie and TV show on your Netflix list.
You never thought the day would come, but you actually want to do something outside, like frolic in the grass - except you can't.

15. You are absolutely out of moisturizer of any kind thanks to your constant dry skin.
What happened to that huge random assortment of lotions you once had a few months ago?!

16. You Googled the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, and now you're convinced that you have it.
Low energy, check. Oversleeping, definite check.

17. Hiring someone to start and warm up your car for you in the morning is not completely out of the question.
Any takers?

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