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27 Signs You’re From Ohio


1. You were born with a deep, burning hate for all things Michigan.

2. You’re unfazed by bipolar weather, having often experienced all four seasons in one day.

3. Although, you know the four seasons of Ohio are alternatively referred to as almost winter, winter, still winter and construction.

4. You basically spend your summers at Cedar Point and look forward to HalloWeekends all year long.

5. You know the frustration of having to drive to another state to see your favorite band…

6. …especially when that state is Michigan.

7. You know that every outdoor event calls for a game of cornhole.

8. Chances are you’ve been to at least one county or state fair in your lifetime.

9. You’re morally obligated to respond to someone yelling “O-H” with “I-O.”

10. It’s practically the state greeting.

11. You know people who pronounce “wash” like “warsh…”

12. …but you also know that it’s only people from other states who have accents.

13. Your choices for entertainment can be summed up in three words: mall, movies and food.

14. You know that Buffalo Wild Wings is referred to as “B-Dubs.” Anything else is just wrong.

15. The same goes for pop. What even is “soda”?

16. You know that Bob Evans is the only place to go on a Saturday morning when you’re a little… under the weather.

17. If you live in Northwest Ohio, walking on an incline on the treadmill is the closest you’ve ever been to walking up a hill.

18. Grocery stores are referred to in possessive form.  Kroger is “Kroger’s” and Meijer is “Meijer’s.” Why? Even we don’t know.

19. You’ve been to Put-in-Bay, Kings Island and Kalahari.

20. Either you can see a cornfield from your house, you’re within walking distance of a cornfield or you have a cornfield literally in your backyard...

21. …and hitting deer while driving is an actual concern.

22. You get really excited when Glee references Ohio…

23. …and you live for Graeter’s ice cream.

24. You’ve seen the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry tear families apart.

25. When you saw that Ohioans use more profanity than any other state in the U.S., you were all like,

26. You’ve had more than your fair share of snow days and even “cold days.”

27. But as much as you sometimes love to hate Ohio, it will always be home.

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