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15 Things Only Your Roommate Won't Judge You For


Trust us, if anyone else saw you dancing around your room in your underwear or lying - unshowered - on the couch for hours, they would probably never speak to you again. Luckily, we all have that one girl who we know won't think differently of us for our most embarrassing moments. Here's our list of 15 shameful things only your roommate would never judge you for.

1. Using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair... three days in a row.

Headbands have a purpose, and that purpose is covering grease.

2. Saying you SWEAR you're going to the gym when you both know you're not moving from the couch.

Walking to the fridge and back is enough exercise for one day, thanks.

3. Pouring one glass of wine and accidentally finishing the bottle.

It's not your fault they don't make bigger glasses.

4. Walking around the room or apartment half-dressed in the middle of the day.


5. Asking her to look at that pimple on on your back or the weird scab on your leg. 

Yes, you really HAVE gotten that close. 

6. Crying about that wedding video on YouTube.

(No, you don't know the people. But yes, his face when she walked down the aisle was just !!!!!!!)

7. Having an existential crisis.

Twice a week.

8. Listening to the same Taylor Swift song 12 times in a row.


9. "Forgetting" to wash your face at night.

A little leftover eyeliner won't kill anyone, right?

10. Drunk texting/calling your ex.

Instead of stopping you, she sits back and laughs.

11. Thinking you're Mariah Carey every time you step into the shower.

...and your lovely voice ends up on her Snapchat Story.

12. Those times you don't move from the couch for five hours straight.

Because the best part about having a roommate is having someone who will encourage your phenomenal procrastination skills.

13. Going out the night before a test.

At least you showed up.

14. Ordering takeout instead of eating the food you already have at home.

Who wants leftover salad when you can order Chinese?

15. Bursting into song in the middle of your sentence.

Of course, she always joins in.

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