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The 14 Most Hilarious Posts on lol my thesis


Any student who attempts to write a thesis knows the incredible amount of time, research, writing and revision that goes into such an endeavor. However, all that toil can usually be distilled down to just one or two lame sentences. Disillusioning? Yes. But also—as the new Tumblr page lol my thesis demonstrates—hilarious. Here are some of the best one-to-two-sentence thesis summaries we’ve seen on the page.

1. “I have a lot of feelings about female saints' lives and feminism. Also dragons.” — History, University of Virginia

2. “The results of this investigation were not statistically significant.” — Statistics, Harvard University

3. “Sometimes, politicians put their penises in things that they should not.” — American Studies, Kalamazoo College

4. “Art on the internet is often hard to define, as are the concepts of ‘art’ and ‘internet’.” — Art History, Princeton

5. “It turns out that Amish romance novels are neither Amish nor romantic.” – English, College of Wooster

6. “If you write sonnets, you may or may not be in love.” – English, Harvard

7. “Money can buy happiness, sorry.” – Psychology, Middle East Technical University

8. “Stories are good, life is hard, let’s dance about it.” – Humanities, New College of Florida

9. “Hashtags are so hot right now #thesis #relevant #withthetimes” – Linguistics, Pomona College

10. “Emily Dickinson wrote about the clitoris a lot, and maybe S&M; people fail to pick up on this because she mostly narrates it through birds.” – English, Fordham

11. “We found out that fish that look different are different species.” – Marine Biology, Boston University

12. “My code doesn’t work. I have no idea why… My code works. I have no idea why.” – Computer Science, McGill University

13. “There’s no method in Hamlet’s madness. He’s just a b*tch.” – Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame

14. “Harry Potter is Jesus. Boom.” – Religion and Literature, Claremont Graduate University

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